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So this week my work was found through google by a lovely lady from San Jose, California.
She is a wedding planner, and it features on her weekly inspiration board  – this weeks board is themed”Take flight”.
Funnily enough, this piece was also created as a wedding present for some gorgeous friends of mine who recently tied the knot!

Its a large custom canvas from the lovely people at the French Art Shop in Wellington (Think A0 size, only square). It is a mixed media piece consisting of a beautiful vintage embossed wallpaper that was found in one of Victoria Universities houses when they did it up …. Apparently the story goes that this big old house used to be a brothel!
I hand painted the paper with layers of acrylic with a base of black followed by hot pinks, purples and touches of sunset orange.  Next I poured on the first coat of resin and stenciled the turquoise birds in an enamel paint so they sit in an overlayed flat layer above the paper.  The work is finished with another layer of poured resin – it dries with a super glossy finish that reminds me of clear toffee…. and it really does make you want to lick it!


You can see my work featured in inspiration board format at:
Its in the archives for Tuesday 25th August, 2009  …Go google!


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My camera sadly broke in transit from Wellington to Melbourne *Sob*.
Luckily these works were captured on hand me down iphone, so although a bit more blurry and grainy – least there is photographic evidence again – yay!


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So in celebration of Tui’s firt birthday – I cant believe its been a whole year already – I created this image in photoshop for her invite.
The black crest is the concept design I was playing around with before coming up w the finished one used for 1day tee design.

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My good friend Naomi asked me to do a painting for her sisters birthday this year. However she was not quite sure what to commission, being for someone else and all!
Solution: A golden ticket – Its an art piece in itself, but it also means the reciever gets to commission their own piece of work, with the cost having been already sorted out and dealt with prior!
Great! Choose your own sort of idea for a painting, or what sort of style and materials, or even just what sort of colours you want it to be so that it looks perfect on your wall with all your things.
Much better than the usual sort of voucher you normally recieve me thinks!!

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Tee Designs

Tee designs done up for New Zealand online site 1day tee – So far they have featured the top Tui design and the Fantail pattern in a reverse of black on white, at the end of 2009.

Really should get round to submitting some more designs, but have been swamped of late w commission work as well as wedding gift paintings, ah well!

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