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So this is my latest finished skate deck  which I scored from Empire skate shop in Wgtn – a 7.75″ this time, so a wee bit wider. Board is a beautiful natural wood finish on the reverse side w no grip tape, so keeping in this colour theme w this I did her up in warm, chocolate browns.

Built up in layers, Starting w a vintage embossed wallpaper as background ( This paper was rescued from an old brothel in Wellington that has since been bought and transformed into student housing for Vic Uni ) – paper has been over-painted in multi layers in Gouache;  The girl sitting on top is hand cut in 600gsm watercolour paper and hand painted in Gouache. The whole board has then been coated in a hard gloss resin that resembles clear toffee – Delicious!

I usually like to work with a lower gsm paper for resin pours as this one took three layers…. it kept being soaked up by the heavy as paper, though this particular Saunders paper is a dream to work on with Gouache – its a really smooth hot-press and gives a beautiful even finish…. yeah I actually enjoy watching the paint dry with this stuff!  You may have noticed the girl I used is from an earlier painting I did which sold through Pop Up Gallery in Wellington, which I did in an edition of colours, the others being as gifts.

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Bah Humbug

Yup – Christmas this year has left me feeling Grinch-like…. I blame the nasty stomach virus i’ve just gotten over – 8 days in bed followed by a week of still feeling generally lousy, if at least up.
To combat this, i’ve been making some Christmas goodies to give away in the hopes this will put an end to these grumpily feelings….
  1. Wreath w willow, found seed pods and Paua – using dried flax flowers to achieve the light golden colour as opposed to Green
  2. Native flax Christmas wreath – still fresh, will dry to a beautiful golden by next year.
  3. Flax flowers for giving and wreaths.

I have just completed some new bunches of Flax flowers which you can find in my new post : https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/flax-flowers-with-more-bang/

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Latest toons i’ve been working on in between commissioned works – good to be working on my own stuff, but don’t always have the brain power to do multiple serious pieces at once, so these are just a bit of fun. 

Ha… Have just found some of my narwhal pics loaded up on Fuck Yeah, Narwhals! which is pretty cool – though I’m not too sure how I go about getting them to link back, or just put credit up – they can be found here : http://narwhals.pie0.me/ so if anyone knows how this can be done, I would so love to hear from you!


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