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And the first set of six is now complete! Phew – And SOLD!!! Woo…. A very lovely friend of ours from across the sea liked them so much she snapped up the whole set even before the sixth ones base coat was down and dried- wow! …This hasn’t happened too much to me of late with work, but well there hasn’t been so much of it in the last few months anyway. So loving this feeling of knowing there is someone else out there who enjoys cupcakes as much as me.  As a result, have started another set of six in the same size, but diff. shade … more info below.

So for the past few weeks I have been waking up from dreams in the middle of the night about cupcakes.  Baking real ones only seems to have made it worse, and I’m sure my waist won’t be loving it if I continue this way for much longer…. So, solution to this problem?

…Guilt free and cute little pictures, perfect to distract me on these cold and rainy lunchtimes when I have nothing better to be doing!                                      Layered washes of Gouache, sandwiched between a crackle medium for an aged background texture. And finished with a topcoat of matt varnish to prevent further cracking of gouache and making them easy to care for – even wipe-able!

So far this series I’ve called ‘Hey you sweet thing’  has just these six teeny tiny little canvases – all 4×4 inches, so perfect for sitting on a desk, that little bit of extra wall space between the window and that cupboard, or in a slightly larger space as a multiple set.                                                                                          I now have another six on the way with base coats drying for the next set, in a cornflower blue sort of colour, as the sketches and ideas from the first set of six have just kept on coming and are overflowing out of the pages of my sketch book!

Tune in over the next few days and weeks for updates in the next series – these are just what I’ve been needing to fill in my long wet Wellington lunchtimes with!   Xox


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Fern is a Gouache work I painted at the end of last year (and have only just got around to photographing now!) as a commission piece for one of my dear friends, for her sisters birthday – Naomi had given Jo one of my ‘Golden Ticket’ vouchers so that she could contact me to create a piece that was specific and meaningful to her.

The guidelines Jo gave me to work with was a matt Gouache work on watercolour paper  to be later mounted in a frame.  The idea behind the work was :

*something like my Anemone piece, but still  individual. * natural colours –  forest greens that remind native New Zealand bush. *the effect of sunlight as it shines between leaves. *A whispered thought of  Tui’s singing by a creek,  Silver ferns and Pohutikawa trees.

This is what I came up with, another piece to carry on the Anemone series. I later used the prototype image of Fern for my first skate deck design for the Loaded DCxRoyalefam competition in Auckland – It worked so well I had to bribe my partner with an earth toned deck of the sleeping Anemone nymph when the DC board was delayed in its return.

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‘Depth’ is a gouache painting outlined w black oil paint pen on unstretched, primed canvas – I painted on the reverse side to keep the original linen look on the border of the work.  I made the mistake of gifting this piece of work without future care and storage instructions, and so when it was moved house and later stored, it was stored rolled – as it was when I originally gave it to Caro.

Unfortunately with gouache, its a funny medium that although reasonably flexible at first, will over time continue to dry, leaving hairline cracks if rolled or even flaking if the gouache build up is too thick in spots.  I left this piece unsealed as I was unsure how the oil paint pen would react with the gouache varnish I usually use, and hadn’t had time to test out (I had major mishap using this in the past with non water fast Indian ink right before an exhibition opening – arrrgh!)

As a result when stored, the piece developed ripples in the border edge of the linen canvas, and due to Wellington’s oh so lovely damp housing, a slight amount of mildew spotting in places.

So here is the work restored to its former glory – I pressed the work to flatten it under some heavy weighted books and then carefully ironed the linen edges between two sheets, before sponging off the mildew and repainting the base colours – gouache is water soluble so lifted to a lighter stain in those places.

Next  comes sealing the work to prevent future mishaps – I am going to topcoat it with a matt spray varnish for gouache, which will mean the work can even be wiped down with a damp cloth should the need ever arise.   However I will be recommending that it is not rolled again!

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