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Today I finished the Sixth little painted treat in my latest small time series ‘a little bird told me’ – So here it is… and the fifth one is on the right.

If you click on the individual images, they will enlarge to make it easier to read – and to get a better look at the background texture.

To see the previous four, scroll down – or click here :  A little bird told me – Random thoughts July 15, 2010

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Today Tui wouldn’t go to bed. So instead we did some gardening. We planted Californian poppy, Cosmos and Lobelia seeds. … The packets say they will take 10-21 days to sprout – but I couldn’t wait!

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This morning I went for a walk in the botanical gardens.   I saw….

Its a Splendid fairy Wren, but I think it looks like a puffy fantail thats fallen into a paint bucket!                                                                                                          – The adult male on the right is probably a bit more impressive colour wise, but I still like them both.

…Tomorrow I’m gonna go see the eels down in the lake.

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Fun for $1.49

So I found these foam shapes a few weeks back at uncle Bills super cheap store. I bought them thinking they would be a good half hour time waster for Tui on a rainy day – and then we found that they stick onto tiles with water… hours of fun in the bath, even if its us adults that seem to be playing with them!

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So after spending the last few months over in New Zealand with the feeling that my life has been put on hold, I have finally found that the end of the tunnel is in sight. And with this, have found some motivation to get back into painting again – even if it is on the small scale of 10x10cm, illustration on canvas side of things.

Above are my latest squares ‘Remembering’ and ‘Julia was so right’ , in the still growing series ”A little bird told me”  – while below are my first two random thoughts … I’ve put up the *in progress* pics on the left, with the finished versions of each on the right so you can have a peek at what they were like coming along – I felt they just needed something more to make them completely finished and I found I wasn’t quite over the cupcake thing yet.

Hmm, this showing of in progress is also good at showing up what a crap photographer I am (I took them at different points of the day in different light)       … its why I stick to painting!

I was sort of hoping these would kick start me back into action again, after my dry spell of no painting and at some level they definitely have, even if its just cute little illustration type pieces. So with the success of the latest sweetstuff series, and all the lovely responses I have had flooding in from everyone, I thought I would keep with it and do a few more little and light pieces to keep me occupied in my last week in Wellington in between Tui chasing and the cooking of all sorts of delicious things from my brand new and much coveted cookbook…. nom –  no wonder cupcakes have been on my mind!

– enjoy Xx

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