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So I have finally gotten round to posting my work up on my very own mightymouse page on felt.co.nz – Something I have had on my creative  ‘to do’ list for months.

You can get to my felt page directly from this link : http://mightymouse.felt.co.nz/ it looks like this :

Great. One down on the list – now just to load up remaining and new work, get some business cards printed, update my folio and go visit some Fitzroy cafes in regards to showing some of my work….!

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Little bit of brightness

My wonderful boy came home on Saturday with lovely bright red and orange Gerberas ‘just because’ – Yay!    However, we only have one vase in our apartment so I had to say goodbye to my branches and their bright coloured flowers I had made for them…. Luckily I had some extra time up my sleeve, so I re-purposed them into this cute little flower chain for above one of our windows.

The flowers are gouache painted on cut out bits from some off cuts I had – 300gsm Saunders watercolour of course.  Its just strung up with some white cotton twine we had lying around and its fixed with some little cutouts of cupcakes, strawberries and lollies – like the ones featured in these paintings :  https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/for-mollys-room/

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And its up – the spring piece I featured in the last post is up on Felt for their Felt Aid relief fund to help out with all the damage in Christchurch.

Below is a screen shot of the page –  But you can view this piece directly for sale on their site at : http://www.felt.co.nz/browse/listing/31136/

Or if you want to see what other wonderful things they have to offer from all sorts of talented people you can do so at : http://www.felt.co.nz/browse/user/feltaid it really is for a great cause with 100% of the profits going to help out.

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Lately, every time I go outside I come across trees that have sprung into blossom over the past couple of weeks…  This is one of the times when I think we are lucky to be living in South Yarra – an area in Melbourne where the streets have been lined all the way up and down with single varieties of trees, so if you go up certain streets, you find yourself walking all the way under white or soft pink trees and softly drifting petals whenever there is a slight breeze – pretty!

It has inspired me to do a couple of spring paintings – here is the first and I have a white blossom one also underway, will post it up as soon as its finished, promise.

I have just added this to a shop on Felt.co.nz called “felt aid” – a shop selling all sorts of cool handmade goodies donated by all sorts of lovely people to help raise money for NZ red cross to help out with all the damage in Christchurch after the recent earthquakes there. I’m not sure how long it takes them to load all the wonderful things up on the page, but it should be up in the next day or two – will update with a new post when I know its up for viewing. In the meantime, the shop has all sorts of other wonderful things that you can see by clicking on the following link : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/feltaid go on – go check it out… its for a good cause thats close to home and you may find some nifty things perfect  as treats for yourself or a loved one… or even to stock up with if you’re uber organised with your christmas shopping!

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Latest offerings in my sugar coated paper series – Here are the ‘in progress’ pics on the left and then the finished versions complete with final colours, birds and thoughts of the day.

They’re the third  and fourth complete in the paper series I’ve been doing to carry on from the Tiny treats and Sweetstuff works I have previously done on small block canvases. The top cake tier image is a4 in size, not including the white borders and the other three in the set so far are all half of this size… I think my goal of the week needs to b to buy a new ruler so I can put up all the exact measurements – at the moment I have one of those old wooden school ones with many bumps and chips – its times like these I miss all my painting and art stuff I had to put in storage when we left Wellington *sigh*

The other two works can be seen here :https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/spectacular-spectacular/

And the last ‘In progress’ piece here : https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/what-is-vin-working-on-now/

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One of the things that amazed me when we moved over to Melbourne a year ago was the food…. om nom nom nom there is so much good stuff here to eat! And there are also shops dedicated solely to selling donuts… and they’re everywhere! – coming from what I now see as a very small city in New Zealand, this seemed weird to me that there would be that many people eating donuts enough to support these shops to exist that sell nothing but one type of sugary treat…  And yet there obviously is. So, not so strangely, there are also cupcake shops – yay – shiny windows packed full of shelves and shelves of nothing but gorgeous and tasty cupcakes!

…Which is fantastic if you are someone like me who loves these tasty little treats so much she dreams about them – and great for getting inspiration for toppings for my little thoughts paintings too.

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This Sunday is Tui tickles second birthday – Time has disappeared so quickly, I’m sure she has been eating it!  And so, apart from the rather large treasure chest full of rainbow wrapped presents + bike (Yup seriously!) I have painted her her very own Charlie and Lola posters to go on her wall.

For those of you who haven’t come across this kids phenomenon,  Charlie and Lola is a TV and book series by Lauren Child – the characters are made out of a combination of drawing, bright patterns and cut out photographs and they are actually pretty cool and watchable even for adults.                                           This is Tui’s absolute favorite program and with all the merchandise that comes along with it – from bedspreads and pajamas, to stamp sets, stickers, felt kits and plush toys – you think there would be wall posters. Alas, my search came up empty so instead I have painted Tui a set of her very own to hang in lounge and replace the grown up sepia photos of Spain for something a bit more fun.

These pics are just off my iphone as I cant find the cable to recharge my camera at the moment – which fully proves you should never tidy up as it always leads to losing stuff more than when it was all messy!  And this is what they look like up on our wall…. complete w balloons and streamers for the party – Tui was pretty stoked with them and our lounge is a bit brighter now so all is good.

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