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Know your food groups….

Well today I primed up a whole stack of beautiful new sheets of flax paper my friends brought over from NZ for me w universal size, ready to mask out tomorrow for the new works I will be starting, to enter into the Brunswick Street Galleries small works comp at the end of next month (more about this in posts to come).

Oh, and I did these couple a new posters to paste up, now that I’ve found someone else keen to do some dodgy night paste up missions with me….sweet!

…I liked how they turned out so much I did a couple more – now there are three sets complete : Know your Cupcakes, fruit and veges. And they all come in series of four.   Hmmm, what next?!?

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Woo – So my work is all framed and up on the walls of Black Cat over on Brunswick street in Fitzroy at the mo – its up for the next three weeks, so if you’re in Melbourne stop past and poke your head in hey.  I was lucky enough to have enough work in advance for this show…. a very uncommon thing for me usually; but it was still a huge mish to get it up on the walls and framed – I did the framing myself in the space of a night (all night) and though its a lot cheaper, its a bit of a b#*ch to do, especially as I float mounted the lot…            I can definitely say that I have no interest whatsoever in becoming a picture framer thats for sure! Apologies for the slightly outa focus pics, I only had my iphone w me and its just not so good in dim lighting – promise I’ll lay them out in good light and photograph properly when they come down. I have to say its nice to have some work on show again… its been a while what with fine arts and then Tui.

And here is the latest pic below ‘A night in Bangkok with Chicky Hines’ done especially for the show so that there was enough toon stuff to tie in… Its based on a tee I painted up last year for out the themed New years party we went to – A night in Bangkok.  Can ya tell from the name reference that we may have been watching a bit too much Dexter lately?! Ha.   After a huge night of framing I totally forgot to photograph this piece before it was hung, so once again promise to put a decent clear pic up after the show.  And be on the lookout for more of Chicky Hines in the not too distant future, I have this feeling he might be popping up a bit more over in Brunswick and Fitzroy soon.

The Black Cat Cafe is located at 252 Brunswick street in Fitzroy, just down from Atomica. You cab find the map for it here : http://maps.google.com.au/maps?ie=UTF8&q=black+cat+cafe&fb=1&gl=au&hq=black+cat+cafe&hnear=Melbourne+VIC&hl=en&view=map&cid=17690059976368731143&iwloc=A&ved=0CIkBEKUG&sa=X&ei=YszHTMrkO5LavAO0mYjaCw

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This coming Tuesday the 26th my work goes up in the Black Cat Cafe over on Brunswick st in Fitzroy.  So this past Wednesday I went on a mish with Tui to check out the work up before mine, to get a feel of pricing my pics (I hate having to do this). We also went for a wander round to see if I could find some of my fav. paste ups that have been appearing on some of the street art blogs I read. Fitzroy is teeming with fantastic stencils, paste ups and spraywork… here are a few that I found :

Cant remember where, one of the streets off Brunswick - Argyle, Rose or Leicester

  • Urban cake lady http://urbancakelady.blogspot.com/
  • Amnesty international project (artist unknown) up near Alexander Pde, I think on Young street
  • Mucha style girl (artist unknown)… there were a whole lot of these all on one building – I think Argyle street
  • Dope as cat paste up in alley off Rose/Leicester street (artist unknown)

I also put up a few wee ones around …I’m just getting started at this, So thought I’d start out with some simple hand painted littlies in my cupcake theme to compliment the Black Cat show.   I think I need to find a willing accomplice to help w surveillance stuff  if i’m gonna be doing any bigger works though.

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Had a fantastic time at opening of Audrey Kawasaki’s Tangled exhibition here at Outre’ in Melbourne last night – was fantastic finally getting to see some of her originals close up.  The colours of the originals are just that much more breathtaking, richer and brighter.  And it was actually really reassuring to see the occasional tiny paint drops, flicks and indentations where a hair had come out of her brush and later been removed – these little imperfections don’t show up in the prints; Or that her beautiful curvy line-work is actually made up of a lot of smaller brush strokes. Apologies for the slight blurryness of the above pic, was a cheeky snap w the iphone, but has picked up the warm sunset colours pretty well. So here are the others that were at the show :

We arrived a little late as to miss the major part of the crowd, so sadly didn’t get to hear if Audrey gave a talk. Also meant all the rare prints had been snapped up, as well as all the originals except Tangled… which would set you back a good ten grand. But we were lucky enough to score one of the prints of Tangled – Yuss, get to pick it up this week. Can’t wait to get to hang it in the lounge and enjoy… Yay for having a boyfriend who makes impulse purchases, even if it means we have a week of eating two minute noodles and soup before next pay!

Sort of wishing I was getting to see the Sydney show too, but will have to settle with urging friend there to go and snap pics…. They get five more new originals, plus a whole other set of rare prints *Sigh*

More info about Audrey can be found over on her website : http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com/ and she updates her blogs really frequently, i-seldom-do even has a couple of pics up from the show today : http://i-seldom-do.livejournal.com/ http://baibai-matane.livejournal.com/

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As I mentioned in my last two posts, Audrey Kawasaki’s new solo show Tangled is being held here in Australia next week, hosted by Outre gallery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Super exciting is that she’ll be here in person for the opening!  So in celebration, I have decided to do a feature post about why I [personally like her work.

Audrey will be presenting ten brand new original pieces for this show – They will be split between the Melbourne and Sydney galleries, with the rest of the show taken up with rare prints and new editions.

So. Why is Audrey is one of my fav artists? Well. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The ambiguity of her girls. They are at once sexy and seductive, while having this aura of innocent naivety.                                                    The juxtaposition of their child-like, slender bodies and fresh faces with their knowing ,bedroom eyes and provocative positions – most often nude or scantily clad. Her works become very appealing…but in a slightly risqué, uncomfortable way.
  • I have a great love for the wood she uses as her support -layering the paint so that it blends to almost nothing in places, letting the grain show through to become part of the girls flesh, which gives extra depth and life to her figures.
  • Her muted colour palette that compliments the wood grain and the natural flow of her figures, Often just shades white and graphite grey with hints of soft colour every now and then.
  • Her articulate, flawless line work – everything just flows so smoothly.  Each image is a compositionally pleasing balance of background and foreground space, beautiful curves and shapes.  Gah…. I wish I had the patience and steady hand for this, I can’t wait to see it up close on the originals!
  • She has a unique and instantly recognizable style that draws from both anime and art nouveau, which she marries together in such a way to draw the eye from one detail of the work to the next in a fluid continuous motion. Her pieces hold a lot of levels that keep pulling you back in.
More info about Audrey can be found over on her website : http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com/ and she updates her blogs really frequently : http://i-seldom-do.livejournal.com/ http://baibai-matane.livejournal.com/

I am hugely excited about getting to see some of her original paintings for myself, and pretty happy that I have managed to weasel my way onto the door list for the opening here in Melbourne next Friday.  I so reccomend anyone in Melbsand Sydney to find some time to go check it out while its on…I have included the show dates at the bottom of the post, so do scroll down and find out when its on nearest to you.
Opening dates are as follows :
MELBOURNE                SYDNEY                                 PERTH

Friday 22th October       Friday 29th October           Friday 5th November 2010
249-251 Elizabeth St       13a Burton Street                 260 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000     Darlinghurst NSW 2010    Northbridge WA 6003
AUSTRALIA                        AUSTRALIA                          AUSTRALIA                     Finishes 10th Nov           Finishes 15th Nov             Finishes 20th Nov

More info about the show can be found via Outre gallery : http://www.outregallery.com/


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Its the weekend… I’m supposed to be writing a post profiling one of my fav artists Audrey Kawasaki, but I’m procrastinating  – see I’m an artist not a writer.  So instead here is  little bit of all the things I am loving at the moment :

  • Narwhals… I love these guys so much – Awesomness!  I just finished the above pic this afternoon, to add to the original paintings I’ve got up for sale on my felt site : http://www.mightymouse.felt.co.nz/browse/listing/33250/Love.-Narwhals—Original-Gouache-Illustration-1-1 *I can be contacted about expressions of interest about this, or any other piece on the site by email at : mightymouselikescheese@gmail.com                                 *Ha… Have just found some of my narwhal pics loaded up on Fuck Yeah, Narwhals! which is pretty cool – though I’m not too sure how I go about getting them to link back, or just put credit up – they can be found here : http://narwhals.pie0.me/ so if anyone knows how this can be done, I would so love to hear from you!
  • Getting to show my work in Black Cat cafe, Fitzroy (It’s on Brunswick st, just down from Atomica)…. They bumped me up a space so my work will be up from the 26th of this month – Phew to actually having a stockpile of base pieces to put in for once!
  • As mentioned above, Audrey Kawasaki – She has a solo show at Outre’ gallery opening on the 22nd – not only will they be showing some of her rarer prints, but there will be some brand new originals…. and what is more she will be there for opening night in person. Managed to get my name + D on the door list for this so I am super stoked!
  • Sleep ins… with a 2yr old these are quite a rare thing, especially when I usually manage to trade mine for chocolate or a night out with friends. I got one this morning though and it was oh so good!
  • Aerial prep class at NICA – This is Melbourne’s circus school and it happens to be in the same building where I take Tui to kindergym…. I signed up for a class a wee while ago and it just started last Monday. Was heaps of fun, not as scary as I thought and I got to hang upside down on a trapeze… need to work on my core muscles though, ouchy the next day!
  • Fantastic Coffee from Ben and Daniel over at the Final step…. So lucky to have such fantastic Coffee close to us – Def. a big help when it comes to painting! Not to mention the beautiful bags their beans supplied by Seven Seeds come in…. trying to work out a way to work these into the backgrounds of some little canvases – I love the faded print of the coffee stamp, I wanna paint birds in between the leaves.

Uh huh. Now to stop putting it off and actually write this feature post… Stay tuned. x

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Today I finally got round to updating my cupboard doors with some super inspiring fresh pics that I am loving at the moment, along with my hoarded found bits and pieces. For some reason, technology un-savvy me can’t get the above image to load without it blurring when I insert it into the post…(I have tried three times – grrr!)  – but if you click directly on top of  it, it should bring up a bigger, clearer version. I’ve also included some pics below to reference my current fav artists – if you scroll over each image it should bring up a bit of info of the name of each piece and who its by. And if you are really interested in finding out further info about these super talented and oh so inspiring people, I have included links to their pages… go have a look – there is some wicked as stuff out there!


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So I’ve been making some paper conversations the last couple of lunchtimes – They’re actually gonna be little paper cut outs to post up around Fitzroy to generate some random interest before my work goes up in Black cat.   ….But I cant help but think that the next time I need wrapping paper, I may just have to make some like this instead!

…I still have to paint the text onto the speech bubbles. Then they get a top coat of shellac to make them last for that much longer in the outside weather – though I quite like the way paper things only last for so long before they break down and are washed away.

Think I’ll be adding to this set with a page or two of birds next – fun!

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So I spent my lunch yesterday sorting through some work I have had stored away in my cupboard half finished, spurred on by the knowledge I get to put some of it up in a few weeks at the Black cat cafe over in Fitzroy.  I looked through the finished work I have floating around – a lot of birdwork, cupcakes and a couple of cartoony bits and have picked these 6 as ones that fit in with my current pics the most.  I have about 4-7 weeks before my work goes upon their wall, so am opting for a sensible approach of not crazily starting new stuff while I have these lovely pics just waiting for their top linework.

I would really like to complete at least these top three floral works – I think they tie in best with the body of work I already have complete and will also compliment the living plants the Black Cat has both indoors and out by the street in its garden bar.

The below three I am not so crazy about anymore and have ‘washed’  them to start fresh with some flat-colour backgrounds in shades of teal and aquamarine – keep an eye out for the finished results in the next couple of wees… I promise you they won’t be even close to what they look like now!

Seriously loving the idea I will be getting to show some of my work for a couple of weeks – and its a great excuse not only to finish some more stuff, but also to venture out for a drink or two with friends once its up.

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I’ve been thinking about this idea for the last couple of weeks since I went through our plastic bag drawer and saw all the different shades of storm coloured bags I’ve been collecting with our veggies from the Prahran markets.  They reminded me of the sky out our window of late, and I thought I’d bring some of it inside with me…..

I love the shadows that appear on our walls each evening when I turn on the lights!

This work grew from a slide of an artists work I saw in a lecture during second year fine arts at Massey – A series of  transient installations that used empty spaces in un-leased shops and abandoned buildings.  The artist had covered entire walls and or ceiling space with plastic bags to form a whole new texture surface – Almost like a skin or membrane that moved and rustled as the viewer moved through the space.

I love the idea of giving value to something that is usually seen as disposable, trash to be discarded without a thought – I wanted to turn them into something beautiful and bright.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track down the name of the artist from the slides – My lecture books are somewhere in a box in our storage unit in Wellington (And were usually sadly lacking of any actual useful notes)  – This is when I really regret how bad I am with remembering names… One of the reasons I never took art history!  Frustrating as I can remember the slides, which lecture they were from, even the room it was held in and the people sitting next to me during that class.

…. If my description somehow rings any bells at all to anyone, I would so love to hear from you  – It’s driving me nuts that I can’t give credit to the original work that got me thinking down this track!

Plastic bags are actually a really interesting medium to work with – In my trawl through the internetz looking for reference to said artists work I did come across this beautiful installation put up by Luzinterruptus outside the The Prado Museum in Madrid …The description in english is down at the bottom of the page

I also found a piece by Joanna Langford entitled The Whisper Lands which was created for the Auckland 2009 Art fair. It  incorporates suspended clusters of interlinked white plastic clouds from the ceiling, and fans to make the work ‘breathe’ – I’ve seen some of her work when she displayed at Enjoy Gallery in Wellington a couple of years ago, but this is the first time I’ve come across her clouds.

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