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So this is a little peek at the six canvases I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks for the Brunswick Street Gallery small works exhibition coming up at the start of December.

I wanted to do something completely different to the last set of paintings I had up a few weeks ago at Black Cat, Something a bit looser and abstract – drawing inspiration from the colourful piece I recently worked on with Tui, looking at mark making and patterns. Each canvas is built up of thin layers of resin with washes of Gouache and Shellac in between, so that the various marks overlap and float on top of each other. I photographed these with the flash off  so you can see the paintings clearly – The resin is super shiny and highly reflective. The finish reminds me of clear toffee – Promise to put up an angled pic to show the resin a bit better once the next coat is dry.

For some reason when I reduce the size to view as a set, they won’t click to enlarge, so below is a close up of each :

I filled out the submission form while I was over in NZ for Toast and didn’t have my comp w any photos, though at that point I only had the base colours done anyways… I usually don’t name work until it’s finished, so was in a bit of a quandary over doing this for a couple days.  So, heres the question : How do you name six unfinished abstract works? You name them after the vineyards at Toast of course… I like that they are local NZ names, which really only make sense if you have visited those vineyards, preferably all on the same day at Toast – That the names become completely random when in an exhibition in Melbourne. Perfect!

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So while I was in Wellington last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the exhibition opening Empire of Rest of one of my Fav New Zealand artists Perer Madden.  Its on at the Robert Heald Gallery in Leftbank arcade, off Cuba mall for the next month – until 22nd of December.

I enjoyed being able to see his work up close without any glass boxes in the way, though I couldn’t help but cringe when a friend I was with started to swing his coat over his arm after a glass or two of wine! …And as a parent of a very active and inquisitive two year old, I wouldn’t recommend taking small children in to see unless they are in a buggy where they can’t touch.

Robert Heald Gallery is located at 209 Leftbank Cuba Mall, Wellington. Opening hours are : Tuesday to Friday  11am to 5pm, Saturday  11am to 4pm.   More info at : http://roberthealdgallery.com (How cute is the map on how to find it?!)

If you hadn’t guessed, Sea was my fav. piece from the show… I like the idea it creates with the industrial element of the clamps – what we are doing to the sea with all our man made crap, how we are destroying it by overfishing and polluting.  I especially love that if you were to remove the clamps, that all the fish would fall out – I took the opportunity to ask Peter at the opening if they were stuck in or not …sort of that you can’t really hold back the sea.

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Wa ha ha ha…. this is me, with gleeful loot after visiting the French Art Shop on my trip home to Wgtn last week – I chose to spend the $$ earned from my splendid wren sales on some much needed new paint, brushes, a rather lovely fancy calligraphy pen and some super awesome candy type resin.  I can’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I walk in there!

See, Cos although Melbourne has many pretty good art shops around, non compare to Wellington’s fantastic French Art Shop with its super friendly and knowledgeable staff who always give me a lovely welcome and remember my name, no matter how long I’ve been away.

I’ve also found it super difficult to find my preferred brand of paint over here – you know how it is when you find that perfect match of product  (for me its Le Franc Gouache and Saunders paper). And when you have to use something else it just doesn’t quite give that expected result. Well thats whats happened to me moving over here to Melbs – Lots of places seem to stock Le Franc in oils, but I’ve only found one store way way away on a tedious long tram ride that also has their Gouache. None of the art stores here are willing to order it in for me, as with my candy resin that I have yet to find stocked anywhere, even after I emailed the suppliers directly!

I have been reduced to using up my dried tubes, ground down to pigment dust and reconstituted with water; Or have had to supplement completely exhausted colours with Windsor and Newton – which are slightly different tints, and sometimes react in unexpected ways drying lighter or separating if mixed with Le  Franc. ….I also can’t help but feel that I am sort of cheating on the paint that I love, I know – crazy huh!   So I am very happy that the lovely peoples from the French art shop have offered to post paint over to me here in Oz next time I get low… how awesome is that!!!

Here is a link to their site  – they are in both Auckland and Wellington…. I just wish they had a store over here too : http://www.thefrenchartshop.co.nz/

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My little pair of splendid wrens, part of my collection of work up on the walls of Black Cat, have flown away to find new homes.  It’s nice to know that someone else found them as lovely as I did.  Am looking forward to filling the space now left on my walls with something new and bright… Well, once I get a chance to stock up on new paint back in Wgtn – thanks little wrens!


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Brunswick Street Gallery is now calling for entries for its 2010 BSG $10,000 Small Works Prize.

Work can be of any medium including sculpture and video, but must be no larger than 30 x 30 x30 cm – including frame, if applicable… though work is accepted unframed too.  Each artist can enter up to 10 pieces for the show, all entries are accepted and will be exhibited for the six week duration fro the show which runs from 10 Dec 2010 to 16 Jan 2011.  Deadline for entries is midnight Sun 21 November – so if you want to enter you better get in quick… I know the next two weeks are certainly going to be busy for me!

More info is up on the BSG website  http://www.bsgart.com.au

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Go teamwork!

Personally, I think me an Tui make a pretty good painting team – check out this joint piece done for D’s bday.

Tui started with some linework straight on the canvas in permanent ink, which we then painted over in layers of gouache. I helped with the finishing by filling in some gap areas with extra colour, plus a few splashes of shellac; Finally setting the whole thing in a protective layer of candy finish resin.

Hmmm, maybe I should enlist Tui’s help for my six entries into the BSG small works awards at the start of next month…. have decided to go with an abstract approach to do something different!

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After attending the Melbourne cup on Tuesday, I cant help but draw comparison between my latest batch of golden tickets, and all the dolled up gals sporting a layer or two too much of fake tan in the leg department.

Me thinks I may need to use paler gold and yellow colours next time, and a more diluted top coat  of shellac – though they are lovely and crispy and shiny.   Least I cant go wrong on the accompanying choc part… nom!

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