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Hey gorgeous

So I may have given d a bit of a william present this Christmas – But how could I resist when this lovely lady appeared in my inbox a couple a weeks ago saying she was available and in very limited supply….

Masked Clara in orange by Rone is from an edition of 9, Hand screen-printed on dutch etching paper.  All prints have small imperfections, making each print unique.

Rone is part of the Everfresh collective, who’s art can be found posted on walls around Melbourne – I’ve been coming across a lot of his posters on my journeys over to Fitzroy and Collingwood this year, so was super stoked to get my mitts on one of his gorgeous girls for our walls at home!

More of Rones work can be found on his webpage : http://r-o-n-e.com/ or at everfresh : http://www.everfreshstudio.com/

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Tis the season for Love, Presents and Narwhals. So here is the first of a few new toons I have been whipping up in the last couple a days to hand out on Saturday, should the need for extra gift giving arise.

Narwhal is one a my favorite fearsome friends at the moment, and he’s been popping up for a while, in various forms… *I think he may get a lot of plastic surgery!  So, while I wait for the next in this new series to dry enough for me to put the top line work on… and of course post up; Here is a little reminder of some past pics Narwhal has also starred in :

Ha… Have just found some of my narwhal pics loaded up on Fuck Yeah, Narwhals! which is pretty cool – though I’m not too sure how I go about getting them to link back, or just put credit up – they can be found here : http://narwhals.pie0.me/ so if anyone knows how this can be done, I would so love to hear from you!

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Newly completed canvas with vintage paper, resin, paper-cut birds and gouache layers for my lovely friends who had their wedding down in Christchurch over the past weekend.  Beautiful sunny day, with temperatures similar to Melbourne at the mo…. hot hot! My plane was delayed two and a half hours on the way down, so I only just got there in time – Luckily my bag was carry-on, so was able to change at the airport in Wgtn while waiting… trying not to stress over not being there in time!  Turned out all good in the end, even after I left the painting in the back seat of my friends car when I got dropped off at the church – what can I say, Typical Vin moment!

Have included a close up shot below so you can see the hand painted embossed paper I used – I wanted to give it an old stone sort of finish, as I had all of Christchurch’s old buildings in mind when I was painting it.  The birds have this speckled quality to them, the gouache varnish topcoat I used on them pooled a bit because of the humidity we’ve been having in Wgtn, but I really like the extra effect its given them.

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So the last post I put up with images of my UV stencils fully reminded me of a similar shade of blue acrylic I saw recently when I visited Backwoods Gallery over in Collingwood for their KAMI and SASU exhibition entitled “OMNI”.

Husband and wife, KAMI and SASU create a constantly evolving visual dialogue that expresses their world and hopes for the future. Renowned for their giant collaborative Zen pop murals, KAMI and SASU’s works combine elegant geometry with ebullient, uplifting colours.

I find it fully inspiring that this talented duo manage to do incredible things like this with a young toddler of their own in tow.   …I had Tui w me when we visited Backwoods and she hooned around the space, which is big and echoed with her footsteps and squeals. It has this wonderful warehouse/loft feel to the gallery, and I will def. be heading back there to check upcoming exhibitions in the future, now that I know where to find it!

*swoon* I love the Omni print they released, above. Its an edition of 50 and is available through nice produce http://niceproduce.com/kami+and+sasu/1104 …. Wish I had one of these for my bedroom wall!

OMNI exhibition at Backwoods ran from Friday the 19th of November until Saturday the 4th December. For more info on past exhibitions, and to see whats coming up at Backwoods check out their page here : http://www.backwoodsgallery.com/

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Ultraviolet Flight

I had a friend remind me of these a week or two ago – Bird stencils I’ve made in the past couple a years for parties incorporating UV decoration. Somehow I never actually photographed any of these myself…. I’ll put it down to can’t-be-assed-ness that comes after all the snipping and sticking to get a whole flock over several walls!

They’re all cut out by hand – I found snipping w scissors actually easier and less damaging to my fingers than a scalpel blade this time. And at least being on a thin gsm cartridge meant I could do a set at a time, rather than individually as I need to for the bird silhouettes I use on my painted resin pieces, which is usually 200 – 300gsm watercolour card.

Anyways, seemed about time to put them up while I’ve been working on a new resin flock piece  – pics up next week, promise.   …And with my thoughts on UV light installations that could work in an outdoor type setup – I’m trying to weasel my way into going to this if I’m still in Nz at the time : http://kiwiburn.com/

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A friend of mine posted this flyer up on Facebook a few days ago and it got me to thinking how wonderful those people are who support all the little designers, artists and crafters out there; especially over this festive, gift giving period.

I am personally very thankful, as it  means I can actually buy Christmas presents this year – I love my job, but unfortunately two year old bosses who pay in cuddles and goobery kisses don’t seem to realise that these are not something that shops will accept in exchange for extravagant toy story characters and stocking fillers.  So thank you wonderful wonderful people who have chosen to give original hand-painted artwork to their loved ones this year *you know who you are!*  And below are a few of my favorite sites if you are stuck for last minute ideas and would like to support some extra clever people from your community – Enjoy!

So from left to right here are some local and independant artists, designers and crafters from around Melbourne and Nz :

  • I’ve been loving  Rone’s girls pasted and stenciled around Fitzroy and Melbourne cities inner laneways. Now you can find limited edition screen prints by Rone and other Everfresh artists at :  http://everfreshstudio.bigcartel.com/ Yyay!
  • Dear Colleen has all sorts of quirky prints up on her Felt store including my fav at the mo L is for Lover and her beautiful fox illustrations : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/dearcolleen
  • Debra Fallowfield is a contempory jeweller based in Christchurch. Her rings are exquisite and would earn some serious brownie points! :  http://www.contemporaryjeweller.co.nz/
  • Last minute e-card, or perhaps you need a flier, invitation or business card designed in the new year? Well look no further than Wgtn illustrator and designer Adele Jackson :  http://pictureitso.blogspot.com/ Oh, and she does fantastic baby portraits too!
  • Extra Curricular Magazine could make a nice stocking stuffer for the crafty minded, you can find it on Felt or in craft stores around Nz : http://felt.co.nz/browse/listing/28432/Extra-Curricular-Issue-3
  • These gorgeous coloured prints from Inaluxe in Melbourne would brighten up any blank wall, available on Etsy : http://www.etsy.com/shop/inaluxe
  • Great downloadable patterns if you feel like a bit of DIY felt food this Christmas – its by Little cute one, up on Felt : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/littlecute1
  • Awesome zines that would nicely fill any extra spaces in your stocking… My favs are Escape from the mainland and Issues, They’re by Skulluxus : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/
  • Love these cute Longest drink tees for the little ones, plus you can find all sorts of other wonderful things by local and independent artists, all conveniently stocked at Madame Fancy Pants on Cuba st in Wellington :  http://www.madamefancypants.com/

So go on, check some of these awesome people out – you know you wanna!

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my oh my….

It seems I missed my other little blue birds, so here is a new one – the first of the pair to be finished. I had a couple  of spare 30x30cm canvases left over from the small works I did for Brunswick Street Gallery (Exhibition opening this Friday) so I thought these would be a good use for them.  They are layered gouache finished with a top coat of mat varnish to stop the gouache cracking and lifting on the canvas. I used a piece of my hoarded vintage wallpaper to print the pattern in the background by hand – I like how random it has turned out, and reminds me a bit  of falling snowflakes, not exactly our weather here, but what I have been hearing about from friends in London recently.

Unfortunately I fully ran out of time to finish the second bird before we flew off to Wgtn at the end of last week, and with no extra room in my suitcase, it’ll have to wait till mid Jan when I’m back  in Melbourne before I get a chance to finish it… Hmmmph.  Have added this one up on my Felt page, though I won’t actually be able to post it out until I get back home, but should anyone wan’t it and not mind waiting a few extra weeks, its up here…  http://www.mightymouse.felt.co.nz

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Three new little canvases I’ve finally had time to finish now that BSG works are submitted.

I started with a vintage embossed wallpaper which I hand coloured, its layered on top of the canvas. I then poured a thick layer of resin on top – giving a super shiny candy finish, which evened out the embossed paper to a flat surface.  The cupcakes are painted on top of this… I have discovered that gouache sits on top of this type of polymer resin really smoothly and evenly and dries in a nice flat layer without cracking. They then get a very thin top coat of protective resin to prevent the gouache from scratching off.

These little pics don’t seem to want to enlarge when you click on them, so here is a bigger one below as an example :

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So after all the masking, trimming and multiple layers of set resin here is a pic of a couple of the canvases ready to be dropped off to Brunswick Street Gallery for their small works exhibition opening on the 10th December.

I love this candy resin finish, its just so…. Shiny!


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I just packaged up and sent off Contents of my kitchen drawers – Part 2 to its lovely new home in Christchurch. Go giving artwork as gifts, and go finding nifty things on NZ craft site Felt I say!   Anyways, as I was in the packaging process *mega amounts of bubble wrap* my partner couldn’t help but wonder out loud over why someone would want a picture of spoons.

I personally think there is something lovely about them, especially when they are all organised and lined up… And it seems I am not the only one out there who finds pleasure in sorting….

Hmmmm…. Feeling rather inspired by all these organised images, maybe its time to get out the paint again…

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