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I’ve been wanting to find some way to help out Christchurch from over here in Melbourne – There is nothing quite like a devastating disaster back home to make you feel really small and far away, and its been really hard seeing it all on the news and being too far away to do much.

Now the best way you can help from overseas is to make a donation directly to Red Cross New Zealand to help rebuild Canterbury:     http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/

But for a stay at home mum/Artist like me, who mainly gets paid in cuddles, this isn’t really doable.  However a huge trademe auction has been set up by two lovely women in Auckland and this is something I can do.

I have donated one of my favorite orchid paintings to be auctioned off – The items are now loaded up on trademe and will be open for bidding until next Sunday.  100% of the money raised will go directly to Red Cross.  My piece is up here : http://www.trademe.co.nz/Art/Paintings/Flora-fauna/Acrylic/auction-357820835.htm You will need to register on www.trademe.co.nz to bid.

My painting can also be seen on Charityauction’s Facebook photo page here:   http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=195835940435089&set=a.195355280483155.49626.195352723816744&theater

If you wish to donate an item for the auction, you can email christchurchcharityauctions@live.com with the details, or if you have any questions.

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So here are the first two of four orchid postcards I’ve been working on – As seen in my post a week or two back.  They’ve got a bit more detailing in them than the other cartoon set I’ve just finished, so have taken a wee bit longer to get to final stage – In fact two of them are still to come.  But thought I’d post the first two anyways, And with before and after pics so you can see how they progressed.

I like how they have ended up detailed, But in a loose sketchy sort of way.  I love orchids – They are so odd looking, Especially Slipper orchids that look all bulbous and alien like with an almost sexual undercurrent… Well, they are plants reproductive organs after all!

The other two postcards in their early stage can be found in this post here : https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/postcards-postcards-postcards/ or by scrolling down past the previous couple a posts on the main page.  Enjoy!

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I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while now, maybe its from watching too much Greys Anatomy or House.   In my head it was fully just a line-work diagram, but it didn’t look quite right on the canvas until I added in some shaded areas – Not like my usual love of flat block colours, but I’m happy how it turned out.  Not sure if I actually managed to fit everything in… No doubt I’ll look back on it next week, or even tomorrow and find that I’ve missed some great love out; But its got most things – Though they really are just bunged in wherever, not according to size or anything – More of as they came into my head.

And these are the latest set of postcards I’ve finished to add to my stack to send off :

I wanted a set of nice bright flat color cartoons to sort of extend on the theme I’ve been going with w Narwhal lately.

I’ve still got to add the line work detailing to the other set of orchid postcards from my last post https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/postcards-postcards-postcards/ – Promise to update on them soon!

Would also like to say Hey thanks WordPress for featuring on their Illustration page today http://en.wordpress.com/tag/illustration/2/ is always good, Cheers!


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I opened the mailbox the other day to find something fantastic – A card from one of my wonderful friends back home.  Usually the only things arriving in our letterbox are electricity bills, or way outta date bank statements they insist on sending me, even though I signed up to get all my statements electronically.   So this was a really lovely surprise.

I love getting actual mail, though its a rather rare thing… It got me to thinking that maybe its because I don’t send enough myself.  And with that thought I have started some little images at postcard size.

This is just the base layer wash – But sometimes its quite nice to see things in progress as well as the finished result.  Promise to post the end result as soon as they’re done!

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macaroni love

I don’t really buy into the whole commercialness of valentines day.  Especially after being spoiled for my birthday only four days earlier. Sort of makes a whole extra day just a bit excessive and way over the top.

Instead I went with hands on entertainment for the 2yr old yesterday morning : Play dough, drawing and then we made these – you got it.  Macaroni hearts.

So not exactly gonna be making my next list of 28 for 28 or anything, but we had fun and Tui loves gluing!   All in all I think we’d done pretty good – Until the boyfriend turned up at lunchtime with a huge bunch of gorgeous white lilies. Ok. Maybe I do quite like some of the commercialness of the day!

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Today I am 28. So I’ve picked 28 images from over the past few years.

I’ve started with earlier images that you would normally have to look up in the archives, or scroll pages and pages back to get to; More recent ones are down the bottom of the post.  I’ve tried to pick a range of different work, plus some of my favorites – It actually took a bit of effort to weed it down to just 28…. Hmmm, where has all this work come from, I don’t think I realised how much has accumulated over the past few years!  Enjoy.

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Surprise surprise

Remember the Rainbow citrus cake recipe I posted a couple a weeks back?     Well this is how it turns out minus the melted chocolate and food colouring :

Yep, it does have a crimson tinge to it – When I got to the part of the recipe where you use the juice to pour over the cake I had a bit of a surprise : Regular orange coloured oranges sliced open to reveal a gorgeous blood red center!       Now usually the ones we get over in Melbourne have a red tinge to their skin so you know what you’re in for.  I thought the cake batter held an extra sweet and floral note to it other than the orange blossom – now I know why!

I fully couldn’t help myself humming the opening song from Dexter…

You can find the original recipe, along with the rainbow cake pics here :  https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/and-ill-have-rainbow-with-my-cake-thanks/ Just omit the food colouring and substitute sprinkled sugar for poured melted chocolate at the end.                                                                    It really doesn’t have to be w blood oranges unless you really want a crimson cake – mine was fully by surprise. I’ll be interested to see how far in the red has spread from the poured juice when I cut it tonight.

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