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Well this is just a quick update now that the Christchurch charity auction on Trademe is now closed.  The orchid painting I donated managed to raise $165.00 Which will go to the New Zealand Red Cross to help those who need it most in Christchurch, So I’m pretty stoked with that!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved with the auction – From Jess and Kelly up in Auckland who organised the whole thing, To all the other wonderful people who donated, or bid on items.  And of course Trademe too – who were kind enough to waive all the usual fees so that 100% of the money raised could go straight to the Red Cross.

I’ll be flying the painting back over to Nz with me next Wednesday so it can then make its way to its new home in Nelson – Thanks Rachel for your generous bid!

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Ok Ok – So I’ve been a bit absent with my updates of late.  This is because we’ve spent the last few weeks hunting for a new apartment as our current one is gonna be renovated, And now that we’ve found one… Packing. Joy.  I have until next Wednesday to get the house all packed up and clean before we jet back to Nz for a friends wedding. That seems like ample time to pack up a house right? Well, less easy with a two and-a-half year old who has now cut her sleeps down to one every three days or so and leaves a trail of grub wherever she goes. *Sigh*  Not much time for painting then!

So I’m very glad I have at least been able to get these last postcards finished – So that the are all ready to send out once we arrive back from Nz… To our new apartment in lovely North Melbourne (Really close to Seven Seeds!!!)… And I have a reason to send out my new postal address update – In style!

Still haven’t quite got around to packing the two last shelves in the hall cupboard which house all my in-progress pieces, plus paint; Still hoping I may somehow find motivation to sit down one evening, rather than getting stuck in front of the tv watching back to back episodes of Gossip Girl – yes, I admit it – I’ve been fully sucked into this completely bitchy and frivolous program… And by none other than my boyfriend! But its great if you just wanna zone out and not to think too hard… And has some great eye candy in the Art and Fashion departments!

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