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Well here is a second sketch page out of my Moleskine – Kotare this time.               But I think I might need to do a few more before moving onto a painted version… I’m still not fully happy with the shape of them yet, Though maybe this will iron itself out when I get colour onto paper – Actually, I can’t wait for the paint part, They’re such beautiful vibrant blues and greens.

However before I get to move on to this next stage I really need to get a few of my in-progress pieces completed first… I have a really bad habit of starting a new work and getting distracted half way through, usually with visits back to Nz.                Well right now there are no trips back planned, at least for me. So I plan on working through my pile of almost-done-but-not-quite paintings. If I get a couple complete then I’ll let myself start this new project. Good incentive yeah?!


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This is my first series of Monster trading cards Some of the characters are old favorites, and others are fully new as of Friday I received such a good response about how they turned out that there will definitely be a second series following soon There are quite a few more characters to come who have lurked inside my brain for a number of years now, just waiting to make their way out again I think the cards might also transfer well into zine form A short run in b+w format, along with accompanying character infoWhat kind of characters live inside your head?!?

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I’ve been playing w D’s camera this afternoon to photograph my latest set of collecting cards I made on Friday. I’m still trying to work out the settings, as its not on auto at the mo and I’m not that great with instructions.

So here is an offering of what I made for lunch today.  Braised fennel with Kalamata olives and home made bread to go with… It smells so good! Click on the image to enlarge if you want more of a close up on the fennel… Delicious. And a great accompaniment to my photography attempts at these collecting cards.

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So here is a little sneak peek on how my Riroriro are progressing.  These are a couple of close ups from two of the panels – Sorry for slightly blurry pics, they’re just off my iphone as I cant locate my camera charger at mo. The lighting in our house at this point in the evening… not so great.

But you can see how the birds are going anyways. They’re just small portions of larger panels consisting of New Zealand bush. However seeing them cropped like this, it almost makes me want to cut the panels down further as they actually work on this scale quite well, if a lot smaller in size…

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This was supposed to be my Friday post about painting something a little less serious than the birds I have been working on all week from the sketches in the last post. But then I went out that night with our lovely new Spanish friends who have been staying with us, and it kinda turned into a bit of an epic night …Seems that ending up at Revolver at 6.30 in the morning so doesn’t lead to a productive day for finishing off a post.

So here it finally is now, after a couple of coffees and with a bit of revision on Monday afternoon.

Our new place in North Melbourne is super close to the fresh markets where you can find all sorts of yummy things – I thought they’d make some simple and bright postcards to send back home along with the previous two sets I’ve been building up; So that all my friends back in Nz have my new postal address …Because hey, It’s always nice to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill right?!?

And quite by chance, when I was out on Sunday after going for this amazing Don Pachi Geisha coffee tasting and Japanese breakfast at St Ali in South Melbourne, I walked past a stationary shop that had these envelopes in my favourite bright turquoise blue colour. Perfect timing no?

The other postcard sets I’ve got to send back home can be viewed off these links :

*Candy bright and poison postcards 

*Orchid postcards part one and two

*Orchid postcards parts three and four

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This is a page out of my sketchbook that I did last night – Reference drawings of a Riroriro, more commonly known as a Grey Warbler.I had a rather large green bush painting, with a rather small Riroriro that I did years ago after a visit out to Kapiti Island… Only its been sitting rolled up in my parents spare room for the last couple of years. Thought I’d make use of a rather sensible idea I picked up recently – And repurpose the paper, along with parts of the background.  So now it’s four smaller pantings, that just need a few more friends adding in… Will post these up when they’re a bit more done!

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So after a big stint of no painting no drawing I’ve been finding myself to be uber bored and grumpy.  This week my thumb hasn’t been playing up so much so I thought I’d try and get my hand back into shape.

I didn’t bring any of my paints over with me this trip, as it was supposed to be a flying visit – Ha – But I did have some ink and laquer stored up on one of the shelves in the spare room.

I’m pretty out of practice, and to be honest I don’t usually go for painting people; But I’m working through a stencil idea to go over some of my abstracts and this is the first step of the process for me.  I want them to end up quite styalised, so I still need to push them further – I think it was a good way to ease back into things after a break though.

Had this song by Jess Chambers and the Firefly Orchestra in my head all afternoon… Beautiful. And perfect to paint to.

Actually, I still love the whole album!

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