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So I got a chance over the weekend to do a little bit of painting.  Ending up with these little abstract works.  They’re on the recycled cotton Khami paper from South India that I got from Melbourne artists supplies a while back – Similar to what I used for my Bluebird postcards, only a size up at A5, and on a thinner paper at 150gsm.

They’re a follow on from the set I did last year with a few changes.  This time I limited the colour palette to greens blues and purples, similar to the colours found on a Paua shell.  And instead of layering them with Shellac, I stained them first with a ceylon tea to achieve that lovely discoloured, uneven toned background.

Where the last set left me with a slightly uncompleted feeling… Almost with the want of another foreground image, I decided to use an indigo outline on these patterns and they seem have a more definite finished-ness to them which I am happy with. There’s a postcard size set in the works too, which I’ll post up soon.

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So I’ve finally got around to listing a few more of my smaller works for Sale on Felt.

This includes my latest songbird postcards, my orchid postcards and the remaining little canvases from my birds and cupcakes series from 2010.

I think I need to get around to making myself an etsy page too, but that’ll need to wait for another day!  In the meantime you can check out everything that is up here :  http://felt.co.nz/shop/mightymouse

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And here is the fourth little bird.  Thats right – Finished off on my Friday night at home with a glass or two of wine.  For once I haven’t fallen asleep before 10.30!

I’m really happy with this cute little set. So much so I’ve masked up the next four, plus a set in the next Khadi paper size up. An A5 which is a thinner 150gsm weight. Have got as far as tea staining the backgrounds and now am waiting for them to dry. Used a different tea this time – A Lady grey. It’s a bit more of a pale, creamy brown compared to the rust tinged Orange Pekoe… Will be interesting to see the difference of the two tomorrow in the sunlight.

I’ve ended up putting this little set up on my Felt page – So if you like them you can check them out there.

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Open today at the Chatsworth house grounds in the UK, is the annual Sotheby’s Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition. This years show includes two new works from Damien Hirst entitled Legend and Myth. They follow on Hirst’s earlier works such as Hymn – A large anatomical dummy and Virgin Mother – A dissected woman.Hirst said that the pieces were a continuation of his interest in the relationship between science and religion. “In a way science brings religion down to earth and to cut open mythical creatures and expose them as no different to mortal horses is somehow still magical. It’s kind of like exploding a myth to make it real.” A total of 26 sculptures by more than 20 leading artists from around the world including William Turnbull, Marc Quinn, René Magritte, Nadim Karam, Takashi Murakami, Jaume Plensa, Ju Ming and Barry Flanagan, will be on display until October 31st.

If you are in the UK you can Book from here  – Its roughly about an hour and a half journey by train from London. Personally I would say worth it to get to see these!

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I just had to try out the handmade Indian Khadi paper I picked up from Melbourne artists supplies on Little La Trobe St a week or so ago – I sensibly opted for little little with A5 and A6, though I’m really lusting after their massive watercolour sheets that come A0 and bigger. *Its the only place in Melbourne that stocks this large size, everyone else just goes up to the standard 56 x 76 cm, which is roughy about A1.Anyways things are pretty good at the moment – A couple of days in a row with a small window to paint, a recent visit with family over and the countdown to my next trip home to Wgtn in November.  D has finally got his phd all finished so we get family weekends again, and I have kicked myself into some regular daily exercise which is much needed since I had to back off my trapeze classes at NICA because of the stupid problem with my thumb.

What all these little wonderful things add up to though is that I’m happy. So about time to paint some happy bluebirds… Just the right size at A6 to mail out as postcards and brighten some friends days too.


I love the roughness of the raw edging these tiny sheets of paper have, each one different – So much more pleasing than when I tear larger sheets to resize.

So far there are three complete, with the fourth in the works… I’m not sure I’ll get it complete today though, so might have to save it for a part 2 post soon!

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A friend of mine just dropped off a huge box of art and graphic supplies from his flat.After sorting through Tui ended up with a great new collection of coloured pencils, felt pens and a whole rainbow of highlighter pens (Which she is carrying everywhere)

And I got these – Ooh so many new permanent markers and fine line pens just perfect for outlining some new pasteups.  *Also included : The lovely new papers and brushes I got while my parents were visiting last week… Went for a scaled down size, which should make for some cute new postcards. Now just to find some free time!


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I stumbled onto this great Italian food blog yesterday when I was searching for a dessert that uses sponge cake that isn’t trifle… Urrrgh I so cant think of any worse combination than jelly, custard, whipped cream, soggy cake and fruit!

Anyways this came up and it just seems gorgeous. Ok. so its sort of a simplified version… but no jelly or custard! Doesn’t it sound good? And oh so pretty too… What can I say but thank you Ilva Beretta from Lucullian delights!ORANGE DRENCHED SPONGE CAKE DESSERT WITH YOGHURT

freshly squeezed orange juice
honey or sugar
sponge cake
fresh cream
natural yoghurt
chopped walnuts

– Cut the sponge cake into finger style pieces.
– Put orange juice and honey in a small pan, 1 cup juice to 1/2 cup sugar, and simmer until thickened and syrupy. Leave to cool down.
– Whip cream until it folds nicely, not too firm as it makes it difficult to mix with the yoghurt. Add yoghurt at a 50/50 ratio of cream and yoghurt, and whisk another 15 seconds until blended.
– Soak the sponge fingers in the orange syrup then layer into small bowls. Add a dollop of the  yoghurt cream, then another couple of sponge fingers. Top with a sprinkle of chopped walnuts and finish with a drizzle of orange syrup.…In fact I ended up making a complete dinner from my favourite food blogs

Carla from Easy as vegan pie has posted some gorgeous photos in the last couple of weeks from the raw menu at Veggie bar on Brunswick street – I made three salads inspired by the fennel, pear and rocket saladavocado and spinach salsa; and raw courgette fettuccine.

Delicious! …Though I altered mine slightly – Braising the fennel and adding quinoa to the salad, and using a spinach and feta sauce with the fettuccine, rather than a raw cashew alfredo.  Sorry for the lack of photos… Was in such a hurry to gobble it all up! I think I wanna go eat at veggie bar real soon though now!

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Birthday girl

My Tui has just turned a big three today… So this is my Happy Birthday for my darling.  It means her sleeps are almost non existant in the daytime now, and with the waiting lists for pre schools here being rather long it leaves me with no daytime space to create and just way too tired in the evenings.  Its something I’ve got to work on fixing. But I guess there just may be a few less posts in the meantime. Anyways. This is the extent of my making at the moment : Jungle cake, complete with a jelly lake with m&m pebbles and edible glitter. It was supposed to have palm trees too – But now that it is warming up here in Melbourne I couldn’t get the chocolate flakes to cool down enough where I had melted them to fuse with the leaf canopy parts, and our fridge was way too full of party food to fit the cake in *read : cheerios and beer*  Ah well. I’m pretty pleased with the result anyways and Tui was pretty stoked.

Today was a trip to the zoo. Tui got to see Lions, Orangoutangs, Elephants, Snakes and some pretty big Spiders. So the theme tied in pretty well.

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