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A while back I went to a Dr Sketchy’s held by Outre’ gallery in celebration of their Sylvia Ji exhibition and ever since I’ve been wanting an opportunity to go all day of the dead styles.  Well seeing that its now October 31st, and that Día de los Muertos is November 1st & 2nd it seemed like a pretty good time to play with some paint.


Have to say I didn’t really want to have to wash it off after, but I don’t think gouache stains all over my pillows would’ve been the best!

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So my creative checklist at the mo has about 12 different projects that all need to be wrapped up by mid November or earlier – As in, like before I head back to Wgtn.

And it wasn’t until Thursday evening, when D informed me his contract in Brisbane means he flies out this Sunday that I realised that November actually starts this Tuesday… And that actually, my flight back to Nz is also then and not another week away.  Gah!  So now all the things I was slowly working through at a snaily pace of f@#k all have become super-urgent-must-finish.

Luckily I’ve had today free to actually work on these and have now been able to cross three things off my list.  These shadow pics being one – They’re the first of a new series I’m working on, and I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out.  The silhouettes are drawn from the swallow photos I took a while back.  I like the simple block colours and incorporating cut away bird shapes to show the handmade flax paper.  Heres the second one :

Now I just need to stock up on some more flax paper back while I’m back in Nz!

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Its always a bit of brightness to find out you’ve made a painting sale. …That another person out there (who isn’t friends or family, and sorta obligated to make positive sounds) actually likes what you’ve come up with.  So go Chicky Hines who’ll be accompanying me back to Nz this coming Tuesday to make his way to a new home.

Nice news for this rainy Friday evening we have have here in Melbs… A good night for painting though!

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So a few weeks ago I found out about this wonderful project happening right here in Melbourne through The Fitzroy Flasher.  I love the idea, so looked up the info on fb.

The project has been created by Chris Massey who is doing a BA in Fine Arts at RMIT in Gold & Silversmithing. He’s looking at participatory artworks, as well as combining different practices like integrating ceramics and jewelry; So this project looks at both of those aspects.  He has created 40 individual, sterling silver and ceramic rings – The rings are to be given away to friends and strangers, But these participants don’t get to keep the rings… Instead they have to give the ring away to someone else, and in return tell Chris to whom and why they are giving the ring away.

That night I had one of those vivid dreams that seem oh so real *I don’t get these very often.* Basically the gist of it was that I somehow managed to score one of these rings and I sent it to my friend Laura who has gone home to Spain.

I decided I was gonna try my hardest to somehow be one of the forty people who got one of these rings – So I followed the group and got all the info and then went and hung around the Rose street markets last Sunday.  And you know what?

I actually managed to get my hands on one! … Actually, the second to last one left! So right now it is in the post on the way to Spain (Though unfortunately I wasn’t very onto it at the post shop and didn’t specify fast post like I was supposed to – Lets hope because its small it only takes a few weeks and not until Christmas to turn up!)

I also added a little something extra in Laura’s parcel : A couple of wee postcard size paintings. One for her to keep, and one to pass on to someone else – I really do love this idea of passing on happiness, who knows maybe they’ll do the same thing too!


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A couple of pics of Rone’s girls on the Everfresh wall on Rose street – They’re the stencils featured in his last show at Backwoods Gallery L’inconnue de la rue (The unknown girl of the street).

Its nice to be able to see them when I venture up Brunswick street now the show is well over and down. I think they’re just gorgeous.


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So D’s new iphone has finally been delivered today… Which means I get his hand me down at last – Such a great improvement on my frustratingly crappy nokia!

It also means its time to order new Gelaskins covers for them, and this time I’m going to get some of my own artwork printed on.  Just been making a few mock ups on their custom page so I can see what they’ll look like.   *Love*

Now just to pick which ones to print… Oh, and a new laptop cover too of course.

Hmmm… I wonder if I could just get them all maybe?!


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The railings in my lounge are covered in drying paper today…

My lunchtime was spent tea staining some new paste-up posters to get that old coming-apart-at-the-seams ephemeral look that I love.

The last set I did was with a shellac top coat, but it worked against me when it came to actually putting them up as it stopped them from absorbing so much paste and so they ended up quite bubbled and dog eared… Though this sort of added to the tatty worn imperfect image – So maybe not such a bad thing if you look at it that way…

This series is gonna be Know your Orchids and there is two copies of each – One for Fitzroy, and the other for Wgtn next month.  Now just to add the colour!

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I’ve been on a roll with my A6 postcard size works… They’re small enough I can actually get them finished, and they make super cute little sets. The latest collection, a kitchen collection of spoons –  A bit of a revisit to contents of my kitchen drawers  

Below are the finished postcards that carry on from the A5 set Abstract ideas from the sea. They came out busier than the bigger series, but I like them just as much.

I still have eight blank sheets of Khami paper left in this size… Hmmmm, I wonder what will come out next ?!?



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Mnnnn corn fritters stacked with roast veggies that I made for family lunch today :

I don’t really follow a recipe for these – They’re one of those things, like muffins and scones that I used to make every Saturday when I was studying fine arts and worked weekends cooking.  You cook something often enough and the recipe sticks… I’ve just had to get used to cutting down quantities.

Roughly they have : x1 Bag frozen corn… Tinned works too, as does creamed corn. x1 Finely diced red onion, small handful chopped fresh basil, large handful chopped fresh coriander, teaspoon vege stock powder, 1/2 teaspoon sweet smoked paprika, fresh cracked pepper, x 2-3 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce, 1/4 cup finely grated parmesan,  3-4 eggs, 1 cup self raising flour and enough milk to bind the mixture… Not too wet. Mix until just combined.  Over-mixing will make them dense and heavy rather than light.  Fry on med heat with a little olive oil and finish off in the oven if the outside turns golden before the inside is cooked through.

I stacked mine up with various roasted veggie slices, a little basil pesto and topped with fresh basil leaves.  They go well with sweet chilli sauce or home made tomato relish.  Also great with Haloumi cheese.  Ah I love corn fritters oh so much!

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