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Peter Madden: Future Heights is currently on at Robert Heald Gallery in Leftbank arcade in Wellington… Although only until tomorrow.

I fully meant to post about this after I saw the show last Friday, only I sorta got swept up in epic weekend and then the internet failure episode.

Oops, at least here it is now!  If you are in Wgtn I fully recommend you go see it while it is still up  –  Today until 5pm, or tomorrow 11am to 4pm

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After a week of not being connected to the interweb its nice to open my computer to find a whole lot of blog love waiting for me…

*Kim at dream.delight.inspire has done a lovely shout out featuring my blog for her inspiration station post this week… Wow totally flattered by this!

*The Fitzroy Flasher has also made a mention in passing in a giving ring post linking different people in different places via the web.

*And then I came across this on Felts freshly pressed page :

The vinyl bird pictured is one of my brooches from my newly set up sister shop Rosered.  I decided to create a new shop to showcase these rather than have them mixed in with all my paintings where each would end up a little lost and maybe detract from the amount of information thrown at you on the main shop page.

So here they are all fresh and simple.  At the moment I’ve just put up the swallows I’ve been working on in the last couple of weeks. Soon to be added : Foxes + bears. And then who knows… What would you most like to wear?

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Our internetz has been down for almost a week now after the furry culprit above knocked the modem off the windowsill.  So I am a week behind in posting up all the things I have been up to of late… And there have been a few.

Anyways : Thanks Telecom guy for coming all the way up our ridiculous path to fix it. And sorry for the no updates, but expect to see a lot of new posts up over the next couple of days when I find the time between Tui and coffee dates

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What can I say but happy Friday!  How awesome is this painting on the carpark wall off Devon street, at the bottom of Vic uni’s sports field in Wellington.

Sadly it only lasted a day before being painted over… So no chance to photograph the other end which was covered with tits.  I wish I knew who the artist is. Love it!

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New bird tees

I’ve been working through on this swallow theme of late from the photos I took at our local park.  New : A couple of hand painted tees for my November birthday guys.

Need to source some nice fitting girly tees now – I still have a couple of ideas for awesome new designs, and I think I want one for me!  How great would the above pattern look with birds mirrored out from the middle of the tee?

Might also look at putting a few up for sale on Felt 

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