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I was going to save posting this Tui for when I had the second complete too… However yesterday I picked up a commission piece for an anniversary present, that needs to be completed and sent off to the courier in less than three weeks.

Its a good challenge to make things interesting at the moment, especially as its of a subject matter I wouldn’t usually choose to paint.  But it also means putting my personal projects on hold, so I’ll just post the first Tui in the mean time… Which I’ve actually already had the pleasure of selling, along with the previous Fantail pair in the set, just this morning!

Have to say, I’m going to miss this little one thats temporarily sat in my hallway this past week – When this commission paintings done and dusted I’m definitely going to start a new one to fill its empty place in the frame… That is, if I can squeeze it in before the April one is due!

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Ooh my little pink orchid painting is currently up on Felt’s homepage this week :

Lately Felt has been great to me, sending through lots of surprise emails notifying me that I’ve sold paintings and even a couple of my newer swallow brooches.

Its always a nice feeling to know there is someone else out there that also loves those pieces of work too.  Yay. Thanks Felt… And all the lovely people who use this site!

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I have a bit of a track record of breaking/losing iphones (the count may be up around four or five)… So when I saw Gelaskins had released a new protective hardcase, I figured it was probably time to get a hold of one.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting some custom cases/decals for a while now – So I’m glad that they’ve started making this option.

Found it really hard to decide on which painting to choose, but eventually went with Kotare – The little Native Kingfisher I photographed a few years back on a trip out to Kapiti island bird sanctuary. …Only now I want to get more printed!

Hmmm… I wonder if it would be worth putting up a few custom printed cases featuring a few of my newest native birds on Felt?  Thoughts anyone?

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I probably coulda put this up a few days ago, only I was waiting to get the second little fantail finished too before I did so.  Now that they are both complete I feel happier about posting them up, rather than as two separate but similar ones. Yawn.

What started as an add on to the little run of orchid pics, which I then introduced birds to, has mutated into a new little series – Still on tea stained Khadi paper, but these ones are Nz natives. Again they are in pairs, but also perched on native plants.

I think I may be missing home *read : friends and family*   Though it could just be that our apartment seems to be surrounded only by massive black crows.  Much as I like these fierce looking beasties – I actually saw one flying past with an entire stolen muffin in it beak a few months back – They just dont cut it in the song department.

Anyways. I was really pleased with how these were turning out after finishing the first fantail (top).  That is, until I started painting up the next bird pair while working on the second Fantail – Tui perched on flax flowers, and really striking.  Now these two seem a bit overcrowded in comparison… I think I’ll stick to less busy plants, And let the stained Khadi paper show through more after this.

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Quite pleased with how these pretty little paintings have turned out – I stained four sheets of Khadi paper when I was making up my test page for the gilding paste. Now I’ve used them all up I think I’m gonna go stain a few more tonight.  Love how they look with the little sparrows added in too.  Painting them up made me really happy.

Trying them out photographed on a white background too – My goal for the next few weeks is to overhaul my Felt shop and freshen it up with better photos using D’s flash new camera lens; rather than my crap, taken all over the place current ones. Giving them all a clean uniform background should hopefully stop the pics from clashing so badly when put up on the page in thumbnail form – Like they do now.

So far I have managed page 1 of 4. Its slow going, but I think will be worth it when they’re all changed over.  Clean and fresh seems like a good start for the year to me!

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Things I know know about Gilding paste :

1. It can be used on handmade paper that hasn’t been sized to stop said paper from feathering and falling apart.

2. Its the worst tasting thing I have ever put in my mouth (I have this bad habit of absentmindedly sucking my paintbrushes after I’ve rinsed them) It seems Gilding paste doesn’t rinse out as easy as Gouache.

3. The variety I have is non-toxic… But I’m pretty sure you may die just from the taste alone if you somehow managed to drink a bottle.

Anyways. Here is a little orchid work I painted up yesterday on the handmade Khadi paper I have… Its a 100% recycled cotton rag paper, with raw edging and its unsized. So The edges of the paper tend to feather and disintegrate a bit.

I don’t have any universal size at home at the moment, and the 40 degree heatwave we’ve had over the past few days has discouraged me from heading out to the art store to pick any up.

I did this little piece in tea stain, gouache and ink as a test piece to see if the gilding paste would react when I put it over the top. I’m really pleased with the result, its stopped the paper feathering and its given the work a nice light gloss finish.

And here is the second one.  I think I need to do a few more like these now, though I might try and see what they look like if I incorporate some little birds too.

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A friend of mine got me to paint a couple of designs onto some casual shirts for her husband just before Christmas. Now that they’ve arrived at destination I can put up a couple of pics without any chance of surprises being ruined.

Swallow shirt above is the same design I used for D’s unloved tee. However I went for two different shades this time to balance out the teeny stripes in the fabric. Below’s design is based on my Invasion pic… The very first, and almost only stencil I’ve ever done. I chose basic and uncluttered – Sometimes simple is best.

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A few years back I painted this comic page for a friends birthday.   I dont do cards.

It’s part one of two. …I used to be particularly bad at remembering to photograph new work when I finished it, I’m still dealing with this issue now. I’ve only recently had the chance to get hold of a pic of it, and its only a grainy iphone one at that. Hopefully at some point I’ll manage track down a photograph of the second page.

The idea was loosely based on a sci fi book I was reading at the time. I can’t actually remember the book, or who it was by. But the idea stuck… Though I’m pretty sure it never featured any circus mice in bottles – Thats the good thing about having artistic licence to change facts huh!

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