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Yeeeee – I can finally put up some pics of the commission piece of Wgtn harbour I was working on a couple of weeks ago… So super stoked with how it turned out!

The goal was to paint the city, as viewed from the far point of Oriental bay, and merge it into an underwater scene – Keeping it in the same style and paper dimensions as the earlier Slipstream piece I painted as a wedding present for my friends Paul and Em, who had this painting commissioned to work alongside.

To me the skyline should have naturally been landscape, so it was a challenge to make it fit into the same portrait format.  While Slipstream was masked out square, I added 100mm to both the top and bottom of this one – With parts of the image bleeding off onto the raw paper below to give it a slightly less structured look.

I really wanted the hills to create the top edge of the scene, so had to reduce the view of the city right down in size… I was a bit worried it might have ended up looking like it was just thrown in at the end, but I think overall the piece works.

Its been a while since I’ve painted anything this size and detail – I’m glad to know I still can… Well, if I can manage to find the time and concentration that is!

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I spent my Thursday evening last week making these basic papercuts to use under blacklight for my brothers housewarming.  Up until now, I have usually made flocks of birds for when making decorations, but as Duncs already has a collection of prototype birds from my vinyl swallow flock, I thought I’d try something different.

I love what you can do with white A4 paper, a pair of scissors and a uv light tube!

Sorry for the graininess again – Only had iphone with, rather than d’s nice cannon.

But I’m really pleased with how they turned out… I kinda love making papercut decorations *I think my friends should have more parties, so I can make more!!!

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I’ve spent the last three weeks on an urgent commission piece, and have finally been able to get it finished and off to the couriers. As its a gift for someone, I cant actually post any pics up until after the 26th or so.  Until then, It’ll have to be info…

This painting contains 41 different colours. Most of them are varying shades of greens and blues.  I ended up having to make a numbered chart that matched with numbers on each paint glass I mixed so I could tell them apart on a day to day basis

*Gouache dries darker or lighter, depending on what colours you are mixing into it – So the wet paint is pretty hard to colour match with its dry counterpart on paper.

It took me 12 days/36 hours to complete… Not including the 4 days/14.5 hours I spent on the original, before I ruined it with spilt paint and had to re-do from the beginning again.  (This also doesn’t include two days I know I spent working on it, but where I forgot to record any of my hours… Gah!)

I had trouble finding a message tube wide enough so that it wouldn’t squash my painting too much when rolled, but still keep it safe when couriered between countries – So I ended up constructing my own.  I went with a triangle shape for strength. Then covered the outside with grey silk and added a bright turquoise paper lining… I figure something practical can still look good too, and this way it can be kept safely until framed.  Wish it had been flecked grey linen like the last box I made, but the fabric store were all out.  Ah well, silk did ok as a substitute instead.

Hmmm… I wonder how many of those large Toblerones you could fit in there?

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I needed a bit of a distraction from my current commission painting last night… Its rather detailed, and pretty slow going.  So I ended up spending a few hours finishing off this little Fantail on a Manuka branch instead.  I kinda promised myself I wouldn’t work on anything else until its done, but I could just so do with a break from all the green and blue I’ve been using – Thirty five shades so far, and growing!

I like the simplicity of this A4 piece on handmade Indian Khadi paper – The amount of blank space left in the background with nothing but tea stain.  Love how it looks now I have it framed up and ready for its new home.

*Apologies for the crap photos though… D’s flash camera needs to be taken into the shop because it currently wont recognise memory cards, so I’m stuck using my iphone which I can’t manage to hold still enough to get a perfectly clear pic with. Gah!

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