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Random find of coolness for the day :

The Noisy Jelly chemistry lab Created by Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvardboth student at Ensci – Les Ateliers institute for design in Paris, will let the user create his own jelly shapes out of water and agar agar powder. After adding different ‘sound’ colours, the mix is then poured into moulds. Ten minutes later, the jelly shape can be un-moulded and placed on the ‘game board’. By touching the shape, different sounds will be activated.


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Finally got around to finishing off the detail and line work of the second little Tui that I originally painted up as part of my A5 paired native birds I was working on before I got that last big commission painting which steamrolled everything else.

Well the first Tui sold, along with my little fantail pair, but it was good to get this one finished off with the top detailing all the same – My current commission piece is all about native birds, so practicing a couple more Tui before hand is all good.

Anyways – I loved how these little ones turned out so much colour wise, and also what my bigger A4 fantail looked like in landscape form, that I thought I’d try another couple of Tui at this bigger size too.  Will post an update in the next few days when they’re all done and dusted… But I think they’re gonna look good!

Have popped it up on my Felt page for sale here.

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I’m currently working on a commission painting that involves native New Zealand birds.  So I started with a few sketches.  I thought I’d try out these little 10x10cm canvases to see if I could make use of the sketches after I was finished with them :

I began with a two tone background made with a print from a vintage embossed wallpaper I’ve been saving. I then built up some texture with a crackle medium that I worked back into with a chocolate gouache which I rubbed back – It gives them a bit of a worn, distressed look when you see them up close.  I added the sketches and sealed them onto the canvas with a clear layer of gloss resin, before working over top with gouache for the white highlighting on the birds and the Manuka branches.

Sweet. I like the subtle muted colours of these little pieces. May have to try out a few more with the other four pages of bird sketches I currently have!

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Fix my sink

Yesterday the kitchen sink was draining slowly.  Then this evening it started leaking.

Typical that this happens on one of the weeks D is working in Brisbane – Along with the Huntsman spider who moved in last Wednesday, and the fire alarm I cant reach running out of batteries.  So I ended up being practical and taking the pipes apart…

Ten paintbrushes, plus a chopstick later I have the answer to our leakage problem… And also where my mixing brushes went to – I’ve been going nuts looking for them all week.  Thinking I’ll be moving the rest of my brushes, and the new replacements to somewhere out of our 3yr old’s reach when she’s washing things in the sink now!

Haha, couldn’t help bringing this to mind…

Well I caught the spider in Tui’s 11 litre lego box, and took it for a walk Hansel and Gretel styles to the grass verge on the opposite side of the road.  I’ve been ignoring the fire alarm with its beeping. It seems to have stopped for the moment. At some point I’ll have to drag our chest of drawers out into the hallway so I can reach it to open it up. That or try to whack it off the ceiling with a broom – I dunno if this is a great option, I think its the sort thats wired into the mains. Maybe I’ll just leave it till D gets back, I think I’ve coped with enough practical stuff for the moment

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So after the success of my Red onion jam I thought I’d add to my cupboard with some spiced Nectarine chutney.  I made up Armadillo labels up this time round.

Decided to add to the cartoon series inspired by these little labels too.  So here are my Armadillos with their stacked up chutney hoard :

And Llama Llama sauce for the Spiced plum rocket fuel I plan to make up tomorrow… As I’ve left it way too late tonight to start anything cooking now.

I like the simplicity of these pieces. With the handmade brown fibre paper showing through where I’ve left the Animals, borders and jars raw and unpainted.

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Inspired by my Narwhal jam labels.  I wanted to keep the natural brown look I had with the tape labels I made for my Red onion jam, so painted this cartoon on a natural handmade paper with raw fibre, leaving the narwhals and borders clean.

Picture measures 252 x 370mm – Its up in my Felt shop here.

I have three more sheets of this paper at the same size… Thinking I may have to use them make a series of four in this style.

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I’ve been procrastinating over a commission piece I’m supposed to be working on …I’m a little burnt out after the last one – Because it was a rush job with a window of only 3 weeks, I ended up working both days and evenings to complete it on time.

So instead of painting New Zealand birds and bush, I’ve been watching The Mighty Boosh – Which I have somehow never seen before – And making Red Onion jam.

I seem to have used up all my blank sticker paper, so had to make do with labels made out of the brown tape I usually use to back my canvases and picture frames. That meant I needed to come up with a sort of longish image to fit the tape, rather than the swamp monsters I did last time.  I think Narwhal jam is totally awesome! No Narwhals were harmed in the making… Though my finger came out a little worse for wear, after a run in with the serrated knife on the very very last 1/2 onion, of the 2kgs of onions I chopped up. Ouch!

Luckily the deliciousness of this jammy sticky oniony process way out-weighed the damage… I’m thinking now I need an excuse to make these cute as and uber tasty looking bite size Brie pops. Or maybe I should just go all out and bake a whole brie wheel and eat it with fresh baguette instead!?!

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