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Purple Honeycreeper – Gouache, ink and resin on handmade cotton rag Khadi paper, 148 x 210mm – A5 NZ$95.00 (Unframed)

I added another little painting to my Tanager series I’ve been working on, on and off over the second half of this year – This is the Purple Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes caeruleus). Another member of the South American Tanager family.  I just love the gorgeous bright colours of these little birds… Really fun to paint.

Also spent the weekend updating my Felt shop which I’ve been neglecting a bit of late – So this little painting is actually up on there now, along with a few of my other recent works I hadn’t gotten around to posting up.  Enjoy!


Note : Available UNFRAMED NZ$95.00 – Please contactvincenteknight@gmail.com in regards to the sale of this piece.

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I’ve just finished framing a few of my paintings to go up on the walls in Sketch and Tulip this week.  And I’ve got to say, I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out!

Malevolentia – Gouache and ink on 245gsm Stonehenge printing paper, 250x250mm AU$240.00 (Framed) Note: Available from Sketch and Tulip

Veneficus – Gouache and ink on 245gsm Stonehenge printing paper, 250x250mm AU$240.00 (Framed) Note: Available from Sketch and Tulip, North Melbourne

Step up – Gouache, ink and resin on 245gsm Stonehenge printing paper, 250x250mm AU$240.00 (Framed) Note: Available from Sketch and Tulip

Originally I was planning on putting them in larger frames with more space around the edges.  But I ended up doing a rethink as Sketch and Tulip sell the artwork they display on a cash and carry basis.  So I decided smaller, more portable box frames might be the way to go.  Cant wait to go in and check them out when they’re up!

Note : These works are for sale framed, directly from Sketch and Tulip in North Melbourne.  Please contact Huda Sleiman in regards to the purchase of paintings. Prices are in AU Dollars.

Sketch & Tulip
364 Victoria Street, North Melbourne
(03) 9329 9665

Tues & Wed 7am–4pm
Thurs to Fri 7am–late
Sat 8am–4pm
Sun 8am-4pm

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I’m as happy as a kid in a candy store – Today I went and picked up a new print by RONE that I was lucky enough to get my hands on from his latest show Darkest before the dawn, held at White Walls Gallery in San Fran.

Bridget is a 50x70cm, 10 layer screen print from a limited run of 60 – I missed out on getting hold of one of his prints at his last Melbourne show, even with going to the opening and all, so I’m pretty excited to have one this time round.

A friend of mine bought one of my latest orchid paintings the same day I put my name on the waitlist for one of these babies, so it worked out as a really good trade – Love being able to buy new artwork from the proceeds of artwork sold.  Win!!!

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Satchmo’s Den is a kick ass little cafe located at 57 Lonsdale Street, at the rear of Punch lane, recently opened by a mate of mine James and his friends Nat and Tom. Its a super cute little space packed with loads to look at – From the vintage tea tins and succulents on the shelves, through to the record covers plastering the walls.

Last time I was in there I may have accosted James and talked him into agreeing to let me add some artwork to the mix. Here’s what I painted up for him last week :

I pulled their logo stencil for the first record to work in with my swallow silhouettes. I’m quite taken with the idea of music taking form as birds.

If you’re in Melbs go check them out – James makes a mean coffee too btw. Don’t believe me? Well Coffee Supreme, Broadsheet and Milkbar thinks so too. Do it. Just go already!

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