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Its already over halfway through January of the new year, and I’ve been totally totally lax with the updating of my blog.  A lot of this really comes down to the fact that I havent really been creative over the summer break, instead I’ve mainly been social and gorged upon amaze noms…

Well this is the point my slackness needs to stop, and this is how its gonna go down : I’m gonna start by easing back into things with a few quick catch up posts on what I’ve been up to until I’m back on track.  Anyways, here is #One :

A friend of mine commissioned me to sketch this up using chalk pens on the blank wall space at her work just before Christmas, rather than them putting up a fake tree – It’s a native Pohutukawa, our alternative Xmas tree here in NZ.

How cool is her work for letting me come in and draw all over their walls??? Seriously cool.  …I think I need a wall painted with chalk paint in my house now!

#Two up soon. Xx

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