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I like the last Fearsome friends record so much I thought I’d have another go :

This one however, is done using a different method.  Where I painted directly onto the last record, using a base layer of acrylic before adding the gouache and resin topcoat; This one is painted on 245gsm Stonehenge print paper.  I then cut out the image – And all the little blank spaces between the tentacles, and applied it onto the record.  I still need to add the resin to give it a high gloss finish.

This is the method I used when creating my skate decks, trading in the vintage paper for 30″ Vinyl record as support.  Its meant I can add more detail than painting directly onto the record – Which offers no absorption, resulting in bleeding or cracking and flaking with the gouache once dry if you add too many layers.

Will post up the finished result when the poured resin is dry.

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Just finished an edition of four New Zealand Tui perched on a red flowering flax branch, commissioned by the Auckland council Environmental services team.

I don’t usually do a lot of edition work, so it was a bit of a challenge to paint up four pieces to look the same.  Pretty stoked with how they’ve turned out though.

Now that these are complete and ready to send off to te courier I can finally spend some time planning the two colour wood block I need to make for the relief printing workshop I’ve enrolled in at Australian Print Workshop on Gertrude street in Fitzroy!

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I was going to save posting this Tui for when I had the second complete too… However yesterday I picked up a commission piece for an anniversary present, that needs to be completed and sent off to the courier in less than three weeks.

Its a good challenge to make things interesting at the moment, especially as its of a subject matter I wouldn’t usually choose to paint.  But it also means putting my personal projects on hold, so I’ll just post the first Tui in the mean time… Which I’ve actually already had the pleasure of selling, along with the previous Fantail pair in the set, just this morning!

Have to say, I’m going to miss this little one thats temporarily sat in my hallway this past week – When this commission paintings done and dusted I’m definitely going to start a new one to fill its empty place in the frame… That is, if I can squeeze it in before the April one is due!

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Ooh my little pink orchid painting is currently up on Felt’s homepage this week :

Lately Felt has been great to me, sending through lots of surprise emails notifying me that I’ve sold paintings and even a couple of my newer swallow brooches.

Its always a nice feeling to know there is someone else out there that also loves those pieces of work too.  Yay. Thanks Felt… And all the lovely people who use this site!

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Its always a bit of brightness to find out you’ve made a painting sale. …That another person out there (who isn’t friends or family, and sorta obligated to make positive sounds) actually likes what you’ve come up with.  So go Chicky Hines who’ll be accompanying me back to Nz this coming Tuesday to make his way to a new home.

Nice news for this rainy Friday evening we have have here in Melbs… A good night for painting though!

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My little pair of splendid wrens, part of my collection of work up on the walls of Black Cat, have flown away to find new homes.  It’s nice to know that someone else found them as lovely as I did.  Am looking forward to filling the space now left on my walls with something new and bright… Well, once I get a chance to stock up on new paint back in Wgtn – thanks little wrens!


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And the first set of six is now complete! Phew – And SOLD!!! Woo…. A very lovely friend of ours from across the sea liked them so much she snapped up the whole set even before the sixth ones base coat was down and dried- wow! …This hasn’t happened too much to me of late with work, but well there hasn’t been so much of it in the last few months anyway. So loving this feeling of knowing there is someone else out there who enjoys cupcakes as much as me.  As a result, have started another set of six in the same size, but diff. shade … more info below.

So for the past few weeks I have been waking up from dreams in the middle of the night about cupcakes.  Baking real ones only seems to have made it worse, and I’m sure my waist won’t be loving it if I continue this way for much longer…. So, solution to this problem?

…Guilt free and cute little pictures, perfect to distract me on these cold and rainy lunchtimes when I have nothing better to be doing!                                      Layered washes of Gouache, sandwiched between a crackle medium for an aged background texture. And finished with a topcoat of matt varnish to prevent further cracking of gouache and making them easy to care for – even wipe-able!

So far this series I’ve called ‘Hey you sweet thing’  has just these six teeny tiny little canvases – all 4×4 inches, so perfect for sitting on a desk, that little bit of extra wall space between the window and that cupboard, or in a slightly larger space as a multiple set.                                                                                          I now have another six on the way with base coats drying for the next set, in a cornflower blue sort of colour, as the sketches and ideas from the first set of six have just kept on coming and are overflowing out of the pages of my sketch book!

Tune in over the next few days and weeks for updates in the next series – these are just what I’ve been needing to fill in my long wet Wellington lunchtimes with!   Xox

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