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My little pair of splendid wrens, part of my collection of work up on the walls of Black Cat, have flown away to find new homes.  It’s nice to know that someone else found them as lovely as I did.  Am looking forward to filling the space now left on my walls with something new and bright… Well, once I get a chance to stock up on new paint back in Wgtn – thanks little wrens!


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Woo – So my work is all framed and up on the walls of Black Cat over on Brunswick street in Fitzroy at the mo – its up for the next three weeks, so if you’re in Melbourne stop past and poke your head in hey.  I was lucky enough to have enough work in advance for this show…. a very uncommon thing for me usually; but it was still a huge mish to get it up on the walls and framed – I did the framing myself in the space of a night (all night) and though its a lot cheaper, its a bit of a b#*ch to do, especially as I float mounted the lot…            I can definitely say that I have no interest whatsoever in becoming a picture framer thats for sure! Apologies for the slightly outa focus pics, I only had my iphone w me and its just not so good in dim lighting – promise I’ll lay them out in good light and photograph properly when they come down. I have to say its nice to have some work on show again… its been a while what with fine arts and then Tui.

And here is the latest pic below ‘A night in Bangkok with Chicky Hines’ done especially for the show so that there was enough toon stuff to tie in… Its based on a tee I painted up last year for out the themed New years party we went to – A night in Bangkok.  Can ya tell from the name reference that we may have been watching a bit too much Dexter lately?! Ha.   After a huge night of framing I totally forgot to photograph this piece before it was hung, so once again promise to put a decent clear pic up after the show.  And be on the lookout for more of Chicky Hines in the not too distant future, I have this feeling he might be popping up a bit more over in Brunswick and Fitzroy soon.

The Black Cat Cafe is located at 252 Brunswick street in Fitzroy, just down from Atomica. You cab find the map for it here : http://maps.google.com.au/maps?ie=UTF8&q=black+cat+cafe&fb=1&gl=au&hq=black+cat+cafe&hnear=Melbourne+VIC&hl=en&view=map&cid=17690059976368731143&iwloc=A&ved=0CIkBEKUG&sa=X&ei=YszHTMrkO5LavAO0mYjaCw

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