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So I started this last year back when we were in South Yarra, with the other Darling street cherry blossom painting – They were originally supposed to be a pair.Well its been sitting in my ‘To finish’ pile of work ever since, thanks to one of our many trips back to Nz which are so good at interrupting my train of painting.

Ended up being a nice little project for my Friday afternoon… And just as the new blossom for this year has started appearing on the trees on our surrounding streets too.  Think I need to take the camera out in the next day or two to catch the Magnolias in bloom before they’re gone.

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Woo – So my work is all framed and up on the walls of Black Cat over on Brunswick street in Fitzroy at the mo – its up for the next three weeks, so if you’re in Melbourne stop past and poke your head in hey.  I was lucky enough to have enough work in advance for this show…. a very uncommon thing for me usually; but it was still a huge mish to get it up on the walls and framed – I did the framing myself in the space of a night (all night) and though its a lot cheaper, its a bit of a b#*ch to do, especially as I float mounted the lot…            I can definitely say that I have no interest whatsoever in becoming a picture framer thats for sure! Apologies for the slightly outa focus pics, I only had my iphone w me and its just not so good in dim lighting – promise I’ll lay them out in good light and photograph properly when they come down. I have to say its nice to have some work on show again… its been a while what with fine arts and then Tui.

And here is the latest pic below ‘A night in Bangkok with Chicky Hines’ done especially for the show so that there was enough toon stuff to tie in… Its based on a tee I painted up last year for out the themed New years party we went to – A night in Bangkok.  Can ya tell from the name reference that we may have been watching a bit too much Dexter lately?! Ha.   After a huge night of framing I totally forgot to photograph this piece before it was hung, so once again promise to put a decent clear pic up after the show.  And be on the lookout for more of Chicky Hines in the not too distant future, I have this feeling he might be popping up a bit more over in Brunswick and Fitzroy soon.

The Black Cat Cafe is located at 252 Brunswick street in Fitzroy, just down from Atomica. You cab find the map for it here : http://maps.google.com.au/maps?ie=UTF8&q=black+cat+cafe&fb=1&gl=au&hq=black+cat+cafe&hnear=Melbourne+VIC&hl=en&view=map&cid=17690059976368731143&iwloc=A&ved=0CIkBEKUG&sa=X&ei=YszHTMrkO5LavAO0mYjaCw

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So I spent my lunch yesterday sorting through some work I have had stored away in my cupboard half finished, spurred on by the knowledge I get to put some of it up in a few weeks at the Black cat cafe over in Fitzroy.  I looked through the finished work I have floating around – a lot of birdwork, cupcakes and a couple of cartoony bits and have picked these 6 as ones that fit in with my current pics the most.  I have about 4-7 weeks before my work goes upon their wall, so am opting for a sensible approach of not crazily starting new stuff while I have these lovely pics just waiting for their top linework.

I would really like to complete at least these top three floral works – I think they tie in best with the body of work I already have complete and will also compliment the living plants the Black Cat has both indoors and out by the street in its garden bar.

The below three I am not so crazy about anymore and have ‘washed’  them to start fresh with some flat-colour backgrounds in shades of teal and aquamarine – keep an eye out for the finished results in the next couple of wees… I promise you they won’t be even close to what they look like now!

Seriously loving the idea I will be getting to show some of my work for a couple of weeks – and its a great excuse not only to finish some more stuff, but also to venture out for a drink or two with friends once its up.

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And its up – the spring piece I featured in the last post is up on Felt for their Felt Aid relief fund to help out with all the damage in Christchurch.

Below is a screen shot of the page –  But you can view this piece directly for sale on their site at : http://www.felt.co.nz/browse/listing/31136/

Or if you want to see what other wonderful things they have to offer from all sorts of talented people you can do so at : http://www.felt.co.nz/browse/user/feltaid it really is for a great cause with 100% of the profits going to help out.

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Lately, every time I go outside I come across trees that have sprung into blossom over the past couple of weeks…  This is one of the times when I think we are lucky to be living in South Yarra – an area in Melbourne where the streets have been lined all the way up and down with single varieties of trees, so if you go up certain streets, you find yourself walking all the way under white or soft pink trees and softly drifting petals whenever there is a slight breeze – pretty!

It has inspired me to do a couple of spring paintings – here is the first and I have a white blossom one also underway, will post it up as soon as its finished, promise.

I have just added this to a shop on Felt.co.nz called “felt aid” – a shop selling all sorts of cool handmade goodies donated by all sorts of lovely people to help raise money for NZ red cross to help out with all the damage in Christchurch after the recent earthquakes there. I’m not sure how long it takes them to load all the wonderful things up on the page, but it should be up in the next day or two – will update with a new post when I know its up for viewing. In the meantime, the shop has all sorts of other wonderful things that you can see by clicking on the following link : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/feltaid go on – go check it out… its for a good cause thats close to home and you may find some nifty things perfect  as treats for yourself or a loved one… or even to stock up with if you’re uber organised with your christmas shopping!

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So my friend who recently got married – well, in feb, its taken me a while to get round to post these up – was brave / crazy enough to trust me with painting on her wedding dress!

This was such a cool opportunity – so thanks so much Leah, because I don’t think I know of anyone else game enough to do this…. but does make for a truly one of a kind dress, and final result wasstunning on Leah on the day.

Below are some pics of how the dress progressed – I painted it in acrylic, built up in really thin, f last layers to give the blossoms a soft wash look, followed by a strong top layer in a dark brown red to match the brides hair colour.

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