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So I’ve finally got around to listing a few more of my smaller works for Sale on Felt.

This includes my latest songbird postcards, my orchid postcards and the remaining little canvases from my birds and cupcakes series from 2010.

I think I need to get around to making myself an etsy page too, but that’ll need to wait for another day!  In the meantime you can check out everything that is up here :  http://felt.co.nz/shop/mightymouse

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After writing my last post I went to bed and ended up dreaming about shopping for china plates.  So I thought I better follow through…

I would really like to be painting these birds on beautiful white or cream vintage saucers with gorgeous ornate detailing – A bit of embossing, Scalloped edges or gilt. However first I need to do some basic testing and fully work through the idea, So I picked up these basic white saucers from our local Sally Army shop.  I found a set of three, which is a good start. Here is the first one along with the Chocolate-Vanilla cupcakes Tui helped me bake … Mnnnn they look so good with the piped frosting and sugar hearts I think I may need to paint them!

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So here is the finished result of my Friday brightness… Tui is having on and off again daytime sleeps so its taken me until now to finish the linework for it.

Unfortunately its just a no go for when she’s up… She love love loves my paints. Even though its less complex than the native birds I’ve been working on of late, its still taken a bit of time to finish off – Missing that guaranteed two hour block each day *sigh*

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And here is the last of the Kotare set *for now* that I’ve been working on – It’s taken me a bit this week to get it done… Tui has dropped her daytime sleep, so the only painting time I now have is in the evening, If I’m not too exhausted.So next I get to focus on getting another almost-finished commission piece done, done and sent, and then I’ll let myself start on a new idea thats been in my head for a week or so.  Exciting!


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This was supposed to be my Friday post about painting something a little less serious than the birds I have been working on all week from the sketches in the last post. But then I went out that night with our lovely new Spanish friends who have been staying with us, and it kinda turned into a bit of an epic night …Seems that ending up at Revolver at 6.30 in the morning so doesn’t lead to a productive day for finishing off a post.

So here it finally is now, after a couple of coffees and with a bit of revision on Monday afternoon.

Our new place in North Melbourne is super close to the fresh markets where you can find all sorts of yummy things – I thought they’d make some simple and bright postcards to send back home along with the previous two sets I’ve been building up; So that all my friends back in Nz have my new postal address …Because hey, It’s always nice to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill right?!?

And quite by chance, when I was out on Sunday after going for this amazing Don Pachi Geisha coffee tasting and Japanese breakfast at St Ali in South Melbourne, I walked past a stationary shop that had these envelopes in my favourite bright turquoise blue colour. Perfect timing no?

The other postcard sets I’ve got to send back home can be viewed off these links :

*Candy bright and poison postcards 

*Orchid postcards part one and two

*Orchid postcards parts three and four

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Today I am 28. So I’ve picked 28 images from over the past few years.

I’ve started with earlier images that you would normally have to look up in the archives, or scroll pages and pages back to get to; More recent ones are down the bottom of the post.  I’ve tried to pick a range of different work, plus some of my favorites – It actually took a bit of effort to weed it down to just 28…. Hmmm, where has all this work come from, I don’t think I realised how much has accumulated over the past few years!  Enjoy.

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Three new little canvases I’ve finally had time to finish now that BSG works are submitted.

I started with a vintage embossed wallpaper which I hand coloured, its layered on top of the canvas. I then poured a thick layer of resin on top – giving a super shiny candy finish, which evened out the embossed paper to a flat surface.  The cupcakes are painted on top of this… I have discovered that gouache sits on top of this type of polymer resin really smoothly and evenly and dries in a nice flat layer without cracking. They then get a very thin top coat of protective resin to prevent the gouache from scratching off.

These little pics don’t seem to want to enlarge when you click on them, so here is a bigger one below as an example :

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So I’ve been making some paper conversations the last couple of lunchtimes – They’re actually gonna be little paper cut outs to post up around Fitzroy to generate some random interest before my work goes up in Black cat.   ….But I cant help but think that the next time I need wrapping paper, I may just have to make some like this instead!

…I still have to paint the text onto the speech bubbles. Then they get a top coat of shellac to make them last for that much longer in the outside weather – though I quite like the way paper things only last for so long before they break down and are washed away.

Think I’ll be adding to this set with a page or two of birds next – fun!

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Latest offerings in my sugar coated paper series – Here are the ‘in progress’ pics on the left and then the finished versions complete with final colours, birds and thoughts of the day.

They’re the third  and fourth complete in the paper series I’ve been doing to carry on from the Tiny treats and Sweetstuff works I have previously done on small block canvases. The top cake tier image is a4 in size, not including the white borders and the other three in the set so far are all half of this size… I think my goal of the week needs to b to buy a new ruler so I can put up all the exact measurements – at the moment I have one of those old wooden school ones with many bumps and chips – its times like these I miss all my painting and art stuff I had to put in storage when we left Wellington *sigh*

The other two works can be seen here :https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/spectacular-spectacular/

And the last ‘In progress’ piece here : https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/what-is-vin-working-on-now/

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One of the things that amazed me when we moved over to Melbourne a year ago was the food…. om nom nom nom there is so much good stuff here to eat! And there are also shops dedicated solely to selling donuts… and they’re everywhere! – coming from what I now see as a very small city in New Zealand, this seemed weird to me that there would be that many people eating donuts enough to support these shops to exist that sell nothing but one type of sugary treat…  And yet there obviously is. So, not so strangely, there are also cupcake shops – yay – shiny windows packed full of shelves and shelves of nothing but gorgeous and tasty cupcakes!

…Which is fantastic if you are someone like me who loves these tasty little treats so much she dreams about them – and great for getting inspiration for toppings for my little thoughts paintings too.

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