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I’ve finally gotten around to uploading pics from the install I did a few weeks back in Palmerston North of the latest Acrylic series of my Welcome Swallows

Its the biggest set I’ve made to date – They were commissioned by a friend to go in her new kitchen, and I wanted them to really stand out against her feature wall.  As it turned out, the set was big enough to flow across two walls… I’m really stoked with the transition of the set from the overcast grey and onto the sunshine yellow.

Loving how they work with their drop shadows!







This set of swallows was cut from a gloss black acrylic, so the birds have a reflective surface if viewed from some angles as seen in a couple of the photos.  I also make these swallows out of mat black acrylic, gloss or mat white acrylic, and repurposed 33” vinyl records.  I can be contacted via my felt shop if you are interested in commissioning a set.

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Last week I made up a new acrylic Swallow flock as a commission piece for a friends wall.  She lives out of Wellington and I can’t do the install for a few weeks, so in the meantime they needed a home that will both keep them safe during transport and has the option of display if she so wishes.  So here they are boxed up :

photo (39)

photo (37)

photo (36)

photo (35) copy

photo (40)

I like the way the drawers pull out like a specimen case, displaying the birds set inside on their pins they way butterflies and beetles used to be.  If they are completely pulled out and placed on their sides they also create individual shadow boxes.  Will post up pics of the whole set after they’re installed – Can’t wait to see them up on the wall!

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Makertorium is on at Te Papa today.  My friend Matthew Pettengell kindly asked if i’d put up some of my new perspex swallow flock as a backdrop for his desks




Perspex swallows

These swallows are a new variation on my vinyl swallow flock i’ve had made through Makerspace… Really pleased with how they’ve turned out, i’m thinking on doing up a couple more sets in white and also in red next.

I’ll be adding them up on my Felt Sales shop in the next day or two, to be sold as installation sets, along with smaller individual swallows made into brooches.

If you are interested in an installation piece, or a commission work along these lines –  Maybe involving a different bird, butterfly or beetle I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted by email at : vincenteknight@gmail.com

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I finally got myself sorted and got some business cards printed up.  Super stoked with how they turned out – Really nice and simple design to show off the images.

I decided to go with the barest of info – My website and a contact email, this way I can use them both in Melbourne and back in New Zealand.  They don’t have a link to my Felt sale shop, but I figure thats fairly easy to find from here.

So great I finally have something to hand out when someone asks me about my work or commission ideas.  Now I just need to remember to keep them on me!

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I have a bit of a track record of breaking/losing iphones (the count may be up around four or five)… So when I saw Gelaskins had released a new protective hardcase, I figured it was probably time to get a hold of one.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting some custom cases/decals for a while now – So I’m glad that they’ve started making this option.

Found it really hard to decide on which painting to choose, but eventually went with Kotare – The little Native Kingfisher I photographed a few years back on a trip out to Kapiti island bird sanctuary. …Only now I want to get more printed!

Hmmm… I wonder if it would be worth putting up a few custom printed cases featuring a few of my newest native birds on Felt?  Thoughts anyone?

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Here are a few pics of my vinyl swallows installed.  Loving the shadows they make!


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So here’s a peek at what was in that gorgeous custom linen box I made last month :

So stoked with how they look.  Next post : Installation of the birds up on the wall!

These birds were handcut out of old vinyl records – In the process of working through this idea I found that you can’t get vinyl laser cut as its highly carcinogen and corrosive… It’ll basically fuck that expensive-as piece of machinery, as well as being really damaging to both the environment and anyone in the same space as the lasercutter.  So my swallows were painstakingly cut out and sanded all by hand.  And it really was a labour of love – Lots of time and swearing involved with getting the finishing perfect … I have a whole new found appreciation for jewellers now!

Thinking presentation boxes are def. the way to go with this new work now, fully worth the time and effort to make the whole finished piece ‘right’.

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Nice Box.

I’ve been saving this post for until I have the second part of it up and completed… However after a week of being stuck in bed w the flu, and now Tui coming down with Chicken pox I’m not sure its actually gonna happen before I run out of time in Wgtn and head back home to Melbourne.  Lame.  So I guess I will start by posting part 1:

A very dear friend of mine celebrated her 40th birthday recently.  So I made her something rather time consuming and special.  And then I decided it needed to be presented beautifully too – The whole deal.  So, we have this gorgeous book binding shop I pass every time I walk home up Elizabeth street and I remembered seeing boxes through the window. Beautiful boxes. Handmade linen boxes. From Sweden.

I thought one of these would be a perfect presentation and storage box for my new piece of artwork. Happily off I went in to buy one.  Problem : Bookbinders Design boxes only go up to A4, and my artwork needed similar size to A3. No, sorry they can’t custom make one – As they’re made in Sweden of course.  Maybe two would do?  Well yes.  Only each A4 box will set you back $195.  Damn.  Because now I have seen these boxes of boxes, all the cardboard ones I  have seen just look flimsy and tacky.  Well no other option but to make my own I guess.  Have I made a box like this before?  Well no.  Have I done any bookbinding then?  Um, no again…

Well I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Not bad for a first go. …And of course I love the linen I found, and that I was able to customise it with stunning blood red inserts.  I really wanna show you what it looks like with the artwork inside, but I also wanna wait in case I get the chance to put it up before I head home next week.  So. I’ll just have to say stay tuned for part 2. xoxo

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So D’s new iphone has finally been delivered today… Which means I get his hand me down at last – Such a great improvement on my frustratingly crappy nokia!

It also means its time to order new Gelaskins covers for them, and this time I’m going to get some of my own artwork printed on.  Just been making a few mock ups on their custom page so I can see what they’ll look like.   *Love*

Now just to pick which ones to print… Oh, and a new laptop cover too of course.

Hmmm… I wonder if I could just get them all maybe?!


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Long weekend with not much to do… Mine has been like that this Easter.           Especially with this southerly and all the rain that has rolled in – Which makes leaving the house not so fun.

It got me in the mood for baking. Which not only indulges in my need to make something, but also heats the rest of downstairs that the fire doesn’t always get to right away.  After the success of my easter biscuits – They were gobbled up really fast. I thought I’d make another batch… But this time pinch an idea I saw a while back, that I have just never quite had the time to try out. Pantone biscuits!

The original idea comes from a blog by Kim Neill.  I originally read in an article link on Poppytalk

I used the same gingerbread and royal icing recipe I used for my easter biscuits, as its one I love – Though this time I added an extra tablespoon of ginger to give them an even stronger ginger kick.                                                                               The great thing about the shape of these biscuits is that they are really fast to cut out in a grid… The time consuming bit comes in the icing. I started by piping a divider line on the biscuits in white icing and then painted in the gap.  Then I mixed each colour individually, a tablespoon or so at a time before painting these on too. Once dry, I colour matched them with pantone swatches I got online – As I have finally given my loaned pantone flip book back. So the colours are approximate… But they still taste pretty damn good!                                                                        One of the reasons I hadn’t made these sooner was my lack of owning an edible food marker.  Well mixed food colouring works just as good w a small paintbrush I must say, though it gives them a bit more of a home made look – But this could also just be my scruffy southpaw writing!

This is the biscuit recipe I used.

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