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Today I am 28. So I’ve picked 28 images from over the past few years.

I’ve started with earlier images that you would normally have to look up in the archives, or scroll pages and pages back to get to; More recent ones are down the bottom of the post.  I’ve tried to pick a range of different work, plus some of my favorites – It actually took a bit of effort to weed it down to just 28…. Hmmm, where has all this work come from, I don’t think I realised how much has accumulated over the past few years!  Enjoy.


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So it seems to be that time come mid 20’s-30’s where all my friends have decided to jump in and get hitched.
This is a collection of works I have created for these very special events – some as gifts from me, as well as a few pieces commissioned by friends for their loved ones.
And really, if your gonna be spending that hard earned cash of yours on that perfect gift, a painting is definitely gonna be a wee bit more original and thoughtful than that toaster off the registry list at Briscoes!

Commission work is available for wedding or other special gifts, The time it will take and pricing is dependant on size and style of work.
Please feel free to contact me at  mightymouselikescheese@gmail.com if you have any queries.

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So, having to pick five pieces of my work as an example for a comp recently entered, it got me thinking about some of different styles I have worked with over the years.
One of my friends was lovely enough to do up a powerpoint for me, alas, I can’t just load it up here! I’ve re-made them into grouped photos, so at a glance, if you didn’t have time to scroll all the way down my blog, you can see what the content is.
(Notes as written by Ana!).
And its got me brewing up some new ideas for a series of new work using skate decks as support – stay tuned!
Group 1 : These designs would transcribe beautifully onto a skateboard and really appeal to the demographic. Personal favourites here are the Blimp Cats and Fearsome Friends – I think the Fearsome Friends is at that real high end of street art – where the characters could become a really well known graffiti/sticker series. – but the frogs are striking and helps represent the ‘breadth’ of my work.
Group 2 : If I had a skateboard I would want this sort of illustration on them – A really feminine design on a skateboard is kick arse and makes it different to all others – however, the majority of skaters who fuel the market are notoriously young, male and bogan. I reckon this would strike a chord though for female skaters/ art enthusiasts.

Group 3 : Anime is a powerful reminder of Western influencing everything Asian and how Asian is now influencing everything Western.

Clare and the crown would look kick arse on a board but the Collective piece could showcase a style that would look awesome on a board – ie some dark superhero types
Group 4 : This grouping would look beautiful on a skateboard – they are simple and reflect the print method that seems to be favoured by royalefam. In particular – Anemone would look beautiful on the bottom of a deck.
Group 5 : These designs are perfectly suited for the shape of a skate deck and the design itself is simple and dramatic and could easily be transposed to a ‘series’ across several skateboards where each piece would be different but always identified as coming from the same series.


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Some recent pieces I’ve been working on. These were shown in a joint show I was part of at Toi Poneke Gallery in Wellington named ‘Wonderland’.  I have to say the show was a bit of a learning curve in what not to do when curating a show ( I was not the curator thank goodness ) and overall felt like a bit of a disappointment to be part of – definitely not the professional feel I have been trying to achieve when selling my works. Ah well these things happen I suppose… and I now know what to steer clear of!

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A collection of work I have recently completed. The top two images are a new style I have been trying out with a Japanese feel in the patterning and the use of Carp – not that for once there are no black outlines! ….This is a new thing for me –  and though i definitely like how its turned out, I wouldn’t wager too high on the outcome that the black lines are gone for good; though its def. good to be trying something new. This piece is a large A2 gouache piece on a hot press watercolour paper which is super super smooth.  It is a wedding present for a couple of my friends, so I wanted to do something super impressive with fine detailing. Have loved how it has turned out so I would count on seeing more of these to come in the future.

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