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Makertorium is on at Te Papa today.  My friend Matthew Pettengell kindly asked if i’d put up some of my new perspex swallow flock as a backdrop for his desks




Perspex swallows

These swallows are a new variation on my vinyl swallow flock i’ve had made through Makerspace… Really pleased with how they’ve turned out, i’m thinking on doing up a couple more sets in white and also in red next.

I’ll be adding them up on my Felt Sales shop in the next day or two, to be sold as installation sets, along with smaller individual swallows made into brooches.

If you are interested in an installation piece, or a commission work along these lines –  Maybe involving a different bird, butterfly or beetle I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted by email at : vincenteknight@gmail.com

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Recently, I was given a stack of cast-off scratched, or just really bad House records – Yaya… Talk about score!

So here’s my newest work created using one of said records as the support :

I really wanna do a series of these now… Just got to find the time/ motivation between the moving and sorting out the mess which is my life of late.  They’re about all I’m up to creative wise – A bit of bright, slightly warped colour to take me away from it all.

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I painted these little abstracts up recently when I ended up at home on my own on a Saturday evening :

Inspired by Paua shells and others such treasures found in rockpools, I opted for blues, greens and purples. With a soft tea stain as the background base.  They’re a bit different from my usual works, but perfect considering the headspace I’ve been in lately, which feels rather rough and turbulent – The way waves pick up small objects to toss them around and discard at random along the shore.

I’ve just put them up on my Felt Sale shop if you are interested. Enjoy!

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These are a couple of quick little sketches I painted up a while back now, to get my handback into painting after the massive break I had from it at the start of the year.

They’re kind of a carry on from my Tanager and orchid pieces I started on last year, but in a more relaxed, sketchy style.

I love how bright these little ones are – A splash of rainbow colour.  They make me really happy to look at… I think I need to do more!

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Its already over halfway through January of the new year, and I’ve been totally totally lax with the updating of my blog.  A lot of this really comes down to the fact that I havent really been creative over the summer break, instead I’ve mainly been social and gorged upon amaze noms…

Well this is the point my slackness needs to stop, and this is how its gonna go down : I’m gonna start by easing back into things with a few quick catch up posts on what I’ve been up to until I’m back on track.  Anyways, here is #One :

A friend of mine commissioned me to sketch this up using chalk pens on the blank wall space at her work just before Christmas, rather than them putting up a fake tree – It’s a native Pohutukawa, our alternative Xmas tree here in NZ.

How cool is her work for letting me come in and draw all over their walls??? Seriously cool.  …I think I need a wall painted with chalk paint in my house now!

#Two up soon. Xx

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I am obsessed with dumplings at the moment.  OBSESSED.  This is a self portrait of me on the best day ever.  Seriously.  Dream come true.  I am a dumpling fiend!

'Dumpling fiend' - Gouache and ink on 245gsm Stonehenge paper, 280 x 385mm(Unframed)

‘Dumpling fiend’ – Gouache and ink on 245gsm Stonehenge paper, 280 x 385mm (Unframed) Private collection

Thanks Melbourne, you’ve totally ruined me – And the prospect of Wgtn with its low par dumpling standards is not a good one.  Well, until I found out about The Dumpling House handcrafted dumplings… Somone say Spinach, Tofu and Bok Choy. How about Japanese six-mushroom?  Hell yeas!  I think I’m gonna have to start hanging out at the City Markets each Sunday… And hey whats that about – Fresh markets only on the Weekend?  Not impressed Wgtn. Not impressed!

Note : Dumpling fiend is currently available NZ$100.00 (Unframed) from Vin’s Nz online Felt shop or by contacting Vin directly at vincenteknight@gmail.com

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I’m supposed to be working on a new flock of cut-out swallows as a commission for a close friend of mine.  But they’re tedious and slow going, cut out by hand and all… And I’m a bit over all the black dust created when sanding them at finishing stage.

So I took a wee break and re-purposed one of the extra records I’d picked up.  What with all the brightness I painted up for Magic beans, I thought I’d keep on the same theme and create a gathering of Fearsome Friends.

And ya know what?  I think the two fit really well together!  I cant wait to paint up a couple more …Once I’ve finished those Record Swallows and all!

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Remember the Paper garden I pasted up in our little brick courtyard last year?       Well it was getting a bit weathered and old – I decided to scrub it off and start fresh.

Enter my new fascination with pitcher plants… I’m determined to hunt me down one of the Nepenthes variety.  I’ve got such a thing for hanging plants at the moment!

I learnt a bit from the orchid cut outs I put up last round – This time I went for brighter, denser colour. Plus I cut right down to the image edge rather than leaving a white border.  They def. jump out at you from the bricks way more.

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These are a couple of 300 x 320 mm pics I painted up a couple of weeks ago for two of my friends who were over to visit – I was looking to do something bright with block colour, that was a little different from my other cartoon style work.

Sugar skulls feel like a nice lead on from the Día de los Muertos work I did last year… I always wanted to do a painted up version from the sketches I did at Outre’s Dr Sketchy class, but I’ve never really been into doing people – Skulls on the other hand, although seemingly everywhere at the moment, do work well.

I like how the resin top coat I painted on at the end has flattened out the colour even further, and how the indian ink outlining has glossed up, while most of the gouache paint has stayed matte.  Think I may need to add to this set when I find the time… Maybe with some more detailed patterns worked onto the skulls.

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This was Tui at 4am yesterday  *Well, apart from being the being a cat bit*  …Fun…

Vomit cat is actually a rather old character I came up with back when I was 19 or so.

This is how he looked the first time I drew him, on the whiteboard in the flat of the boy I rather liked at the time… Probably not so surprising that things didn’t go anywhere with the boy, though 10 years later he still remembers my little cat sketch in all its projectile glory – Even though vomit cat has never again featured with said byproduct anywhere outside my sketchbooks up until now.

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