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So the last post I put up with images of my UV stencils fully reminded me of a similar shade of blue acrylic I saw recently when I visited Backwoods Gallery over in Collingwood for their KAMI and SASU exhibition entitled “OMNI”.

Husband and wife, KAMI and SASU create a constantly evolving visual dialogue that expresses their world and hopes for the future. Renowned for their giant collaborative Zen pop murals, KAMI and SASU’s works combine elegant geometry with ebullient, uplifting colours.

I find it fully inspiring that this talented duo manage to do incredible things like this with a young toddler of their own in tow.   …I had Tui w me when we visited Backwoods and she hooned around the space, which is big and echoed with her footsteps and squeals. It has this wonderful warehouse/loft feel to the gallery, and I will def. be heading back there to check upcoming exhibitions in the future, now that I know where to find it!

*swoon* I love the Omni print they released, above. Its an edition of 50 and is available through nice produce http://niceproduce.com/kami+and+sasu/1104 …. Wish I had one of these for my bedroom wall!

OMNI exhibition at Backwoods ran from Friday the 19th of November until Saturday the 4th December. For more info on past exhibitions, and to see whats coming up at Backwoods check out their page here : http://www.backwoodsgallery.com/

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