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This Sunday is Tui tickles second birthday – Time has disappeared so quickly, I’m sure she has been eating it!  And so, apart from the rather large treasure chest full of rainbow wrapped presents + bike (Yup seriously!) I have painted her her very own Charlie and Lola posters to go on her wall.

For those of you who haven’t come across this kids phenomenon,  Charlie and Lola is a TV and book series by Lauren Child – the characters are made out of a combination of drawing, bright patterns and cut out photographs and they are actually pretty cool and watchable even for adults.                                           This is Tui’s absolute favorite program and with all the merchandise that comes along with it – from bedspreads and pajamas, to stamp sets, stickers, felt kits and plush toys – you think there would be wall posters. Alas, my search came up empty so instead I have painted Tui a set of her very own to hang in lounge and replace the grown up sepia photos of Spain for something a bit more fun.

These pics are just off my iphone as I cant find the cable to recharge my camera at the moment – which fully proves you should never tidy up as it always leads to losing stuff more than when it was all messy!  And this is what they look like up on our wall…. complete w balloons and streamers for the party – Tui was pretty stoked with them and our lounge is a bit brighter now so all is good.

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