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I’ve been procrastinating over a commission piece I’m supposed to be working on …I’m a little burnt out after the last one – Because it was a rush job with a window of only 3 weeks, I ended up working both days and evenings to complete it on time.

So instead of painting New Zealand birds and bush, I’ve been watching The Mighty Boosh – Which I have somehow never seen before – And making Red Onion jam.

I seem to have used up all my blank sticker paper, so had to make do with labels made out of the brown tape I usually use to back my canvases and picture frames. That meant I needed to come up with a sort of longish image to fit the tape, rather than the swamp monsters I did last time.  I think Narwhal jam is totally awesome! No Narwhals were harmed in the making… Though my finger came out a little worse for wear, after a run in with the serrated knife on the very very last 1/2 onion, of the 2kgs of onions I chopped up. Ouch!

Luckily the deliciousness of this jammy sticky oniony process way out-weighed the damage… I’m thinking now I need an excuse to make these cute as and uber tasty looking bite size Brie pops. Or maybe I should just go all out and bake a whole brie wheel and eat it with fresh baguette instead!?!

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I spent my Thursday evening last week making these basic papercuts to use under blacklight for my brothers housewarming.  Up until now, I have usually made flocks of birds for when making decorations, but as Duncs already has a collection of prototype birds from my vinyl swallow flock, I thought I’d try something different.

I love what you can do with white A4 paper, a pair of scissors and a uv light tube!

Sorry for the graininess again – Only had iphone with, rather than d’s nice cannon.

But I’m really pleased with how they turned out… I kinda love making papercut decorations *I think my friends should have more parties, so I can make more!!!

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Ooh my little pink orchid painting is currently up on Felt’s homepage this week :

Lately Felt has been great to me, sending through lots of surprise emails notifying me that I’ve sold paintings and even a couple of my newer swallow brooches.

Its always a nice feeling to know there is someone else out there that also loves those pieces of work too.  Yay. Thanks Felt… And all the lovely people who use this site!

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Here are a few pics of my vinyl swallows installed.  Loving the shadows they make!


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So here’s a peek at what was in that gorgeous custom linen box I made last month :

So stoked with how they look.  Next post : Installation of the birds up on the wall!

These birds were handcut out of old vinyl records – In the process of working through this idea I found that you can’t get vinyl laser cut as its highly carcinogen and corrosive… It’ll basically fuck that expensive-as piece of machinery, as well as being really damaging to both the environment and anyone in the same space as the lasercutter.  So my swallows were painstakingly cut out and sanded all by hand.  And it really was a labour of love – Lots of time and swearing involved with getting the finishing perfect … I have a whole new found appreciation for jewellers now!

Thinking presentation boxes are def. the way to go with this new work now, fully worth the time and effort to make the whole finished piece ‘right’.

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Nice Box.

I’ve been saving this post for until I have the second part of it up and completed… However after a week of being stuck in bed w the flu, and now Tui coming down with Chicken pox I’m not sure its actually gonna happen before I run out of time in Wgtn and head back home to Melbourne.  Lame.  So I guess I will start by posting part 1:

A very dear friend of mine celebrated her 40th birthday recently.  So I made her something rather time consuming and special.  And then I decided it needed to be presented beautifully too – The whole deal.  So, we have this gorgeous book binding shop I pass every time I walk home up Elizabeth street and I remembered seeing boxes through the window. Beautiful boxes. Handmade linen boxes. From Sweden.

I thought one of these would be a perfect presentation and storage box for my new piece of artwork. Happily off I went in to buy one.  Problem : Bookbinders Design boxes only go up to A4, and my artwork needed similar size to A3. No, sorry they can’t custom make one – As they’re made in Sweden of course.  Maybe two would do?  Well yes.  Only each A4 box will set you back $195.  Damn.  Because now I have seen these boxes of boxes, all the cardboard ones I  have seen just look flimsy and tacky.  Well no other option but to make my own I guess.  Have I made a box like this before?  Well no.  Have I done any bookbinding then?  Um, no again…

Well I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Not bad for a first go. …And of course I love the linen I found, and that I was able to customise it with stunning blood red inserts.  I really wanna show you what it looks like with the artwork inside, but I also wanna wait in case I get the chance to put it up before I head home next week.  So. I’ll just have to say stay tuned for part 2. xoxo

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After a week of not being connected to the interweb its nice to open my computer to find a whole lot of blog love waiting for me…

*Kim at dream.delight.inspire has done a lovely shout out featuring my blog for her inspiration station post this week… Wow totally flattered by this!

*The Fitzroy Flasher has also made a mention in passing in a giving ring post linking different people in different places via the web.

*And then I came across this on Felts freshly pressed page :

The vinyl bird pictured is one of my brooches from my newly set up sister shop Rosered.  I decided to create a new shop to showcase these rather than have them mixed in with all my paintings where each would end up a little lost and maybe detract from the amount of information thrown at you on the main shop page.

So here they are all fresh and simple.  At the moment I’ve just put up the swallows I’ve been working on in the last couple of weeks. Soon to be added : Foxes + bears. And then who knows… What would you most like to wear?

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