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Remember the Paper garden I pasted up in our little brick courtyard last year?       Well it was getting a bit weathered and old – I decided to scrub it off and start fresh.

Enter my new fascination with pitcher plants… I’m determined to hunt me down one of the Nepenthes variety.  I’ve got such a thing for hanging plants at the moment!

I learnt a bit from the orchid cut outs I put up last round – This time I went for brighter, denser colour. Plus I cut right down to the image edge rather than leaving a white border.  They def. jump out at you from the bricks way more.

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A couple of pics of Rone’s girls on the Everfresh wall on Rose street – They’re the stencils featured in his last show at Backwoods Gallery L’inconnue de la rue (The unknown girl of the street).

Its nice to be able to see them when I venture up Brunswick street now the show is well over and down. I think they’re just gorgeous.


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The railings in my lounge are covered in drying paper today…

My lunchtime was spent tea staining some new paste-up posters to get that old coming-apart-at-the-seams ephemeral look that I love.

The last set I did was with a shellac top coat, but it worked against me when it came to actually putting them up as it stopped them from absorbing so much paste and so they ended up quite bubbled and dog eared… Though this sort of added to the tatty worn imperfect image – So maybe not such a bad thing if you look at it that way…

This series is gonna be Know your Orchids and there is two copies of each – One for Fitzroy, and the other for Wgtn next month.  Now just to add the colour!

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