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Peter Madden: Future Heights is currently on at Robert Heald Gallery in Leftbank arcade in Wellington… Although only until tomorrow.

I fully meant to post about this after I saw the show last Friday, only I sorta got swept up in epic weekend and then the internet failure episode.

Oops, at least here it is now!  If you are in Wgtn I fully recommend you go see it while it is still up  –  Today until 5pm, or tomorrow 11am to 4pm

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So while I was in Wellington last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the exhibition opening Empire of Rest of one of my Fav New Zealand artists Perer Madden.  Its on at the Robert Heald Gallery in Leftbank arcade, off Cuba mall for the next month – until 22nd of December.

I enjoyed being able to see his work up close without any glass boxes in the way, though I couldn’t help but cringe when a friend I was with started to swing his coat over his arm after a glass or two of wine! …And as a parent of a very active and inquisitive two year old, I wouldn’t recommend taking small children in to see unless they are in a buggy where they can’t touch.

Robert Heald Gallery is located at 209 Leftbank Cuba Mall, Wellington. Opening hours are : Tuesday to Friday  11am to 5pm, Saturday  11am to 4pm.   More info at : http://roberthealdgallery.com (How cute is the map on how to find it?!)

If you hadn’t guessed, Sea was my fav. piece from the show… I like the idea it creates with the industrial element of the clamps – what we are doing to the sea with all our man made crap, how we are destroying it by overfishing and polluting.  I especially love that if you were to remove the clamps, that all the fish would fall out – I took the opportunity to ask Peter at the opening if they were stuck in or not …sort of that you can’t really hold back the sea.

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So this Sunday I finally got to go see the Melbourne Art Fair for 2010 that was on over the weekend at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.  Very cool building in itself and when filled with art from all over Australasia it was fantastic! Here are a few snapshots of bits I particularly liked – Yes, I couldn’t quite believe it …but I was actually allowed to take pictures ! *Click on any of the Polaroids to enlarge for a better look.

These first photos are of an interactive sculpture Paratekton by Simeon Nelson. Its one of three designs he has made for Mossgreen gallery – It comes as kitset in this beautiful box as pictured in the center, you assemble it yourself following pattern instructions, or build as you want. Was really stunning to see – its huge!

*Above left is a close up of a work entirely made out of lego – it was approximately 3×1.5 meters, and some bits were built outwards as well.

*Center is by Kathy Temin, represented by Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney – The whole work is shapes covered in faux fur against a pale blue background…. it made me smile just walking around the corner and seeing it – it took up an entire wall of the galleries allocated space.

*Left- then is not now (blue) 2010, ceramic, nylon & wood, 19.0 x 25.0 x 25.0 cm is by Michael Doolan, Represented by Karen Woodbury gallery from Melbourne .

The above three works are from tbc Art incorporated – Its an artist run initiative based in Melbourne dedicated to providing a space where young, emerging and established artists alike have the artistic freedom to explore, experiment and take risks within their practices.

And this was the highlight of the day for me – Ryan Renshaw Gallery from Brisbane had dedicated its entire allocated space to New Zealand artist Peter Madden… He is one of my all time favorite artists, who I used as an artist model while studying fine arts at Massey. So seeing his work there was great.  The piece in the middle titled Birds is my pic from the show… if only I had a spare eight grand, this is what I’d be spending it on!!!  *Close up of Birds on the right.

And here are a few other artists from the show that I think are worth looking up and keeping an eye on :

  • Isidro Blasco – Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.
  • Marion Borgelt – Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.
  • Andrew Taylor – Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney.
  • Leigh Martin (Resin and pigment on canvas) – Jensen Gallery, Auckland.
  • Belinda Fox – Niagara Galleries, Melbourne.
  • Gwyn Hanssen Pigott (Ceramics) – Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne.
  • Sopheap Pich – Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong.
  • Shao Yinong & Muchen – Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong.
  • Rosalie Gascoigne – Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.
  • Marley Dawson – Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.
  • Robyn Stacey – Stills Gallery, Sydney.
  • Megan Jenkinson (Lenticular) – Stills Gallery, Sydney.
  • Chris Bond – Nellie Castan gallery, Melbourne.
  • Tom Moore – Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne.
  • Cyrus Tang – Anna Pappas gallery, Melbourne.
  • Vin Ryan – Anna Pappas gallery, Melbourne.

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