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Recently, I was given a stack of cast-off scratched, or just really bad House records – Yaya… Talk about score!

So here’s my newest work created using one of said records as the support :

I really wanna do a series of these now… Just got to find the time/ motivation between the moving and sorting out the mess which is my life of late.  They’re about all I’m up to creative wise – A bit of bright, slightly warped colour to take me away from it all.


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It was a friends birthday last week, and nothing in my stockpile of currently finished work seemed quite right.  So I finished off this baby thats been sitting in my half formed to-do stack :

Its one of four I started way back in Melbourne last year, as a carry on from my first colour blocked Sugar Skulls – Which I then got a little sidetracked from when my print class at APW hit.  The aim was to do a more detailed set, but it meant more time involved in the finishing layers. They somehow never got completed.

Well this one gave me the kick I needed to finish off the others :

I love the bright blocks of colour.  Glad I’ve finally got around to getting them done!

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I am obsessed with dumplings at the moment.  OBSESSED.  This is a self portrait of me on the best day ever.  Seriously.  Dream come true.  I am a dumpling fiend!

'Dumpling fiend' - Gouache and ink on 245gsm Stonehenge paper, 280 x 385mm(Unframed)

‘Dumpling fiend’ – Gouache and ink on 245gsm Stonehenge paper, 280 x 385mm (Unframed) Private collection

Thanks Melbourne, you’ve totally ruined me – And the prospect of Wgtn with its low par dumpling standards is not a good one.  Well, until I found out about The Dumpling House handcrafted dumplings… Somone say Spinach, Tofu and Bok Choy. How about Japanese six-mushroom?  Hell yeas!  I think I’m gonna have to start hanging out at the City Markets each Sunday… And hey whats that about – Fresh markets only on the Weekend?  Not impressed Wgtn. Not impressed!

Note : Dumpling fiend is currently available NZ$100.00 (Unframed) from Vin’s Nz online Felt shop or by contacting Vin directly at vincenteknight@gmail.com

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I painted up this rather random Fearsome Friends party pic last week, to post up on fb as a Bday card for a friend of Mine who lives all the way over in Dubai…

I liked him so much I decided todo up a reverse version in slightly different, but still super-bright colours…

I love them both – Which one would you pick?

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I’m as happy as a kid in a candy store – Today I went and picked up a new print by RONE that I was lucky enough to get my hands on from his latest show Darkest before the dawn, held at White Walls Gallery in San Fran.

Bridget is a 50x70cm, 10 layer screen print from a limited run of 60 – I missed out on getting hold of one of his prints at his last Melbourne show, even with going to the opening and all, so I’m pretty excited to have one this time round.

A friend of mine bought one of my latest orchid paintings the same day I put my name on the waitlist for one of these babies, so it worked out as a really good trade – Love being able to buy new artwork from the proceeds of artwork sold.  Win!!!

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I took a break this weekend from the new series of paintings I’ve been working on to build up my folio, and instead finished off a poster piece I’ve had sitting in my to-do pile for a while now.  I’m slowly sorting through my incomplete paintings and either culling, or working on completing them.  I’m a bit over having so many half finished ideas.  Expect to see a couple more lighter feeling poster pieces like this up soon.

This is an A3 poster version of a couple of characters from my Monster Run cards – Originally part of Fearsome friends, as can be seen here in 28for28  … A bit of larger scale brightness for the wall


Note : This work is currently available for sale via my Nz online Felt shop  or contact me via vincenteknight@gmail.com in regards to the purchase of this piece.

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So I’ve been totally remiss at keeping my blog up to date with all my work over the last few months. I wont go into any lengthy explanations as to the why – Instead here’s an overview of some of the bits I’ve completed in that time :

Unrest is a hand-finished woodblock print I started back in 2004, but was unable to complete within the over short time frame the course gave us. The blocks are somewhere our bottomless pit of a storage unit in Wgtn, so I finished the top two layers by hand in gouache and ink. Edition of 8

Back to the South American Tanager birds paired with coffee plants. Again, first of four that are in the works… Sidetracked again

Lastly a pair of native New Zealand Piwakawaka (Fantails) as per request for a friend of mine …Who then never got back to me about the piece. Ah well!

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