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Today I am 28. So I’ve picked 28 images from over the past few years.

I’ve started with earlier images that you would normally have to look up in the archives, or scroll pages and pages back to get to; More recent ones are down the bottom of the post.  I’ve tried to pick a range of different work, plus some of my favorites – It actually took a bit of effort to weed it down to just 28…. Hmmm, where has all this work come from, I don’t think I realised how much has accumulated over the past few years!  Enjoy.

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Ironlak spray paint can add a whole new level to your usual flax flowers…

I’ve made the most of trimming back the flax bushes growing behind the house – They really needed a bit of seeing to, to stop them taking over the steps and tripping up everyone who goes past.

And I decided to try something different this time… It’s a bit of an experiment, as I’m not quite sure what will happen to the surface as the flax fully dries at this stage.   After weaving the fresh cut flax into these rose-type Putiputi flowers, I left them to sit for a couple of days for the stems to curl and shrink. Then I sprayed them with Ironlak acrylic spray paint.  It’s given them a good, solid coat of glossy, even colour – A fully different result to the traditional method of colouring, which involves leaving the flowers to dry out before hand dyeing.

I love the resulting pop of colour Ironlak paint gives, with its candy colours of Linz Iceberg (Turquoise), Potion (Pink) and Granny (Fusty purple-ish pink)

I’m actually surprised it’s taken so long into my visit back to Nz to make some of these, Because it’s been absolutely frustrating me back in Melbz that I can’t just walk outside and find some flax whenever I please.  …Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we don’t have flax growing; But its always in the City botanical or private gardens, as opposed to growing on street verges and banks where cutting a few outside stems actually helps keep it controlled.

I actually found some at the Prahran fresh markets a wee while ago… Most of the florists in our area don’t stock it – So was mega excited by this, until I found out they were charging $20 for five stems. Not exactly enough to make a decent bunch of flowers!

Don’t suppose anyone in Melbourne has a supply of this in their garden that they’re willing to trade for some funky bright, or more traditional everlast flowers?

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Bah Humbug

Yup – Christmas this year has left me feeling Grinch-like…. I blame the nasty stomach virus i’ve just gotten over – 8 days in bed followed by a week of still feeling generally lousy, if at least up.
To combat this, i’ve been making some Christmas goodies to give away in the hopes this will put an end to these grumpily feelings….
  1. Wreath w willow, found seed pods and Paua – using dried flax flowers to achieve the light golden colour as opposed to Green
  2. Native flax Christmas wreath – still fresh, will dry to a beautiful golden by next year.
  3. Flax flowers for giving and wreaths.

I have just completed some new bunches of Flax flowers which you can find in my new post : https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/flax-flowers-with-more-bang/

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