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I was commissioned to make a couple of records for Canterbury Museum as part of their RISE street art show that is currently on until March 23

Rise poster infoIts been pretty awesome to know that I’ve got work in the same show as Banksy, Rone, ROA, Anthony Lister and BMD… So when I was creating the records, I wanted to make sure they were on form.  As a result I actually created  a set of nine, so the Museum could pick out the two they thought would work in best for the show.

Anyways, here are the two they selected  :

Of what may come - Gouache, ink and resin on 325gsm Stonehenge paper, vinyl record supportOverspill  - Gouache, ink and resin on 325gsm Stonehenge paper, vinyl record supportRecords with their acompanying covers for RISE

You can see the rest of the set in the post below.


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I’m as happy as a kid in a candy store – Today I went and picked up a new print by RONE that I was lucky enough to get my hands on from his latest show Darkest before the dawn, held at White Walls Gallery in San Fran.

Bridget is a 50x70cm, 10 layer screen print from a limited run of 60 – I missed out on getting hold of one of his prints at his last Melbourne show, even with going to the opening and all, so I’m pretty excited to have one this time round.

A friend of mine bought one of my latest orchid paintings the same day I put my name on the waitlist for one of these babies, so it worked out as a really good trade – Love being able to buy new artwork from the proceeds of artwork sold.  Win!!!

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A couple of pics of Rone’s girls on the Everfresh wall on Rose street – They’re the stencils featured in his last show at Backwoods Gallery L’inconnue de la rue (The unknown girl of the street).

Its nice to be able to see them when I venture up Brunswick street now the show is well over and down. I think they’re just gorgeous.


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So I happened to be walking up Ghuznee st the other day, in search of Toy Story posters from the video store.  No luck w that, But did happen upon this fantastic paste-up wall by Rone and drypnz.  Sweet! I saw this up on rone’s site a few weeks ago, But all it says is that it’s located somewhere in Nz.               So. Feeling pretty stoked to have come across it by chance!

Recognise the lovely masked Clara from my post a few weeks ago? https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/hey-gorgeous/

Was really nice to get to see her out on the street, because so far I haven’t managed to find her in Melbourne.  The walls weathered a bit already, w the colours fading out and a good few of the Clara pics missing – you can see it fresh, and in the making here on rone’s blog : http://r-o-n-e.com/?p=324 But do go check it out in person if you are in Welly… It’s down the Taranaki st end of Ghuznee, Between Abel traders and the Signs shop.

And I’m pretty happy to have her as my current desktop background too!

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So after a rather delicious breakfast round at Soi on Greta point yesterday we dropped d of at the airport to fly back home to Melbourne.  I couldn’t manage to organise myself in time to go with – I need to know about flights a couple of weeks in advance so that it will gradually sink in and I can plan. Flying, no matter how often I do it, way stresses me out. So I opted for heading back w Tui on my own this time, in another week or so – go figure how this will be less stressful, but somehow it won out!

I will be sad to leave some of my bestest friends behind when I go, yummy Nz cheese, good strong New Zealand coffee and my newest favorite restaurant Ortega.  I won’t miss the wind, or how all the sand in the sandpit somehow ends up in my bed every night.

However, I have very good things planned for this year! :

  • I get to start back at Aerial class at NICA on the 7th, sore muscles and all.
  • I’m looking forward to moving to a new apartment by the end of Feb, I’m hoping I get my way and that we will move across town to Fitzroy / Collingwood sort of area…. So much closer to all the really interesting small galleries and a happening area for Melbourne’s ever-changing street art.
  • Hmmmm. Is it sad to say I’ve been missing my walks around the domain? I’m looking forward to making this part of my daily routine again… Though I suspect I may be needing new shoes…
  • I don’t really do NY resolutions, but the one thing I have decided to make more of an effort in is to get to more exhibition openings this year and to try to be more active in Melbourne’s amazing art scene – Win for all the exhibition openings that fall on Friday nights too!
  • Would love to add a printing workshop to one of my evenings every week, though this may have to be a bit later on in the year.  I really enjoy printmaking, but its a bit hard to keep up with w/out owning your own press. I’m really hoping I might find an option for screen printing… So frustrating knowing I have silk screens packed up in boxes back in Nz just sitting there not being used. Grrr
  • And I can’t wait to check out the NGVSTUDIO at Fed square. The space will be something new for the NGV – And Everfresh will be painting  inside the atrium while renovations take place. Their wall will be up for a month and then another crew will come in and paint… Kind of like a city laneway but in a national gallery, if that makes sense!                           Phibs, Rone, Makatron, Wonderlust, Meggs and special guest Miso will be involved in the live paint  from Sunday the 23rd – Tue 25th Jan  – THATS NOW!  – You can go check out their progress in person if you are in Melbz. Its located at the corner of the Atrium and adjacent to NGV Kids Corner in Federation Square. Or here online on the Everfresh blog : http://www.everfreshstudio.com/blog/

What are you looking forward to this year?

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Hey gorgeous

So I may have given d a bit of a william present this Christmas – But how could I resist when this lovely lady appeared in my inbox a couple a weeks ago saying she was available and in very limited supply….

Masked Clara in orange by Rone is from an edition of 9, Hand screen-printed on dutch etching paper.  All prints have small imperfections, making each print unique.

Rone is part of the Everfresh collective, who’s art can be found posted on walls around Melbourne – I’ve been coming across a lot of his posters on my journeys over to Fitzroy and Collingwood this year, so was super stoked to get my mitts on one of his gorgeous girls for our walls at home!

More of Rones work can be found on his webpage : http://r-o-n-e.com/ or at everfresh : http://www.everfreshstudio.com/

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A friend of mine posted this flyer up on Facebook a few days ago and it got me to thinking how wonderful those people are who support all the little designers, artists and crafters out there; especially over this festive, gift giving period.

I am personally very thankful, as it  means I can actually buy Christmas presents this year – I love my job, but unfortunately two year old bosses who pay in cuddles and goobery kisses don’t seem to realise that these are not something that shops will accept in exchange for extravagant toy story characters and stocking fillers.  So thank you wonderful wonderful people who have chosen to give original hand-painted artwork to their loved ones this year *you know who you are!*  And below are a few of my favorite sites if you are stuck for last minute ideas and would like to support some extra clever people from your community – Enjoy!

So from left to right here are some local and independant artists, designers and crafters from around Melbourne and Nz :

  • I’ve been loving  Rone’s girls pasted and stenciled around Fitzroy and Melbourne cities inner laneways. Now you can find limited edition screen prints by Rone and other Everfresh artists at :  http://everfreshstudio.bigcartel.com/ Yyay!
  • Dear Colleen has all sorts of quirky prints up on her Felt store including my fav at the mo L is for Lover and her beautiful fox illustrations : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/dearcolleen
  • Debra Fallowfield is a contempory jeweller based in Christchurch. Her rings are exquisite and would earn some serious brownie points! :  http://www.contemporaryjeweller.co.nz/
  • Last minute e-card, or perhaps you need a flier, invitation or business card designed in the new year? Well look no further than Wgtn illustrator and designer Adele Jackson :  http://pictureitso.blogspot.com/ Oh, and she does fantastic baby portraits too!
  • Extra Curricular Magazine could make a nice stocking stuffer for the crafty minded, you can find it on Felt or in craft stores around Nz : http://felt.co.nz/browse/listing/28432/Extra-Curricular-Issue-3
  • These gorgeous coloured prints from Inaluxe in Melbourne would brighten up any blank wall, available on Etsy : http://www.etsy.com/shop/inaluxe
  • Great downloadable patterns if you feel like a bit of DIY felt food this Christmas – its by Little cute one, up on Felt : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/littlecute1
  • Awesome zines that would nicely fill any extra spaces in your stocking… My favs are Escape from the mainland and Issues, They’re by Skulluxus : http://felt.co.nz/browse/user/
  • Love these cute Longest drink tees for the little ones, plus you can find all sorts of other wonderful things by local and independent artists, all conveniently stocked at Madame Fancy Pants on Cuba st in Wellington :  http://www.madamefancypants.com/

So go on, check some of these awesome people out – you know you wanna!

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