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Remember the Paper garden I pasted up in our little brick courtyard last year?       Well it was getting a bit weathered and old – I decided to scrub it off and start fresh.

Enter my new fascination with pitcher plants… I’m determined to hunt me down one of the Nepenthes variety.  I’ve got such a thing for hanging plants at the moment!

I learnt a bit from the orchid cut outs I put up last round – This time I went for brighter, denser colour. Plus I cut right down to the image edge rather than leaving a white border.  They def. jump out at you from the bricks way more.

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I love our new apartment, but it doesn’t come with a lot of outside area. Apart from the balconies there is only this teeny tiny courtyard right down the bottom – Its pretty gloomy because of the brick wall which reaches all the way up to outside our kitchen window on the second level. So only low light plants would do well there… Unless of course your garden is made out of paper.So here are the new paste ups I’ve been making over the past week in the evenings, I finally got a chance to put them up this afternoon – I thought they’d be a good way to add a bit of colour and interest to our little brick space.We just had our half yearly flat inspection, so I figure I get six months to enjoy these before we have to clean the space back to blank… They’ll probably have deteriorated and started peeling by then – I love that in the meantime I can watch this decay process outside paste-ups go through up close.

On the subject of deterioration Here is a small piece of mine I put up last October that I only just found in a blog by thefitzroyflasher about embracing imperfection… Though I must confess its not actually as time worn as it looks – I deliberately aged this small series with thick layers of Shellac. The handwriting is in vivid pen, so it blurred out and obscured when it came in contact with the methylated spirits used to dissolve the Shellac shards. Some pieces were more readable than others – I wanted the viewer to have to pause if they wanted to take in what was actually said.Anyways back to the orchids.  The Melbourne orchid spectacular is coming up on the 26th- 28th of August, so the timing is right for these new paste-ups.  I’d expect to see a whole lot more work running with this theme in the weeks to come… Now its so close I’m fully geeking out about it – Hey. Whatever turns you on right!?!

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Today it’s raining and I am feeling a bit meh after having a rather epic night of no sleep on Saturday from my little bros birthday. But at least I can see brightness every time I look out our kitchen window now.I pasted these birds up a couple of days ago – They’re my test run to see how easy paste ups actually are… Probably not that hard unless you take in the fact that our kitchen is on the second story of our apartment, and that wall is a meter and a bit away from the window with a drop down to the ground beneath on both sides.  It’s only really accessible from our kitchen window that opens maybe 30cm.  I got these up with the help of a long handled broom while sitting on the bench.

Mainly what I am curious in is to see how they deteriorate over time.  I painted them like all my pieces in gouache, which is water soluble. I did however seal them with a layer of retouching varnish, plus they have a top coat of paste which helps protect them from the weather.  I want to see if over time they will still break down and run, or how they will fade. It’ll be interesting to see how long they last on their own in a spot that is unreachable by a buffer… The demise of so many paste ups out on the street.

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So one good thing about our new apartment, With its white walls that have no hooks, etc in them; Is that it is fantastic for random staged photographs.                  I had a go at playing round with this last week, as our photo contribution for a larger family project.   The photos all contained Black and White, as well as colour components.

Now that the weekend has been, and I won’t be ruining any surprises, I can put up a couple of the pics out of my set taken.

My photos were fully staged.  I got D to photograph me against one of the white walls upstairs, then I photoshopped in the cut out images I had painted onto lightweight paper and individually photographed.

I actually created these as test pieces to paste up on some of the brick walls close to the new apartment. I have a great love of street art, and how it evolves over time. I’m interested in watching how long a paper pasteup will last out in the weather, and how it will deteriorate.  I love the idea of creating ephemeral work, and the traces it might leave behind.

I really love how these turned out with the mix of greyscale and bright colour.  They print up really beautifully on canvas too.

Cant wait to go paste up the actual paper images when I get back to Melbourne in a week or so – So stay tuned!


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This coming Tuesday the 26th my work goes up in the Black Cat Cafe over on Brunswick st in Fitzroy.  So this past Wednesday I went on a mish with Tui to check out the work up before mine, to get a feel of pricing my pics (I hate having to do this). We also went for a wander round to see if I could find some of my fav. paste ups that have been appearing on some of the street art blogs I read. Fitzroy is teeming with fantastic stencils, paste ups and spraywork… here are a few that I found :

Cant remember where, one of the streets off Brunswick - Argyle, Rose or Leicester

  • Urban cake lady http://urbancakelady.blogspot.com/
  • Amnesty international project (artist unknown) up near Alexander Pde, I think on Young street
  • Mucha style girl (artist unknown)… there were a whole lot of these all on one building – I think Argyle street
  • Dope as cat paste up in alley off Rose/Leicester street (artist unknown)

I also put up a few wee ones around …I’m just getting started at this, So thought I’d start out with some simple hand painted littlies in my cupcake theme to compliment the Black Cat show.   I think I need to find a willing accomplice to help w surveillance stuff  if i’m gonna be doing any bigger works though.

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So I’ve been making some paper conversations the last couple of lunchtimes – They’re actually gonna be little paper cut outs to post up around Fitzroy to generate some random interest before my work goes up in Black cat.   ….But I cant help but think that the next time I need wrapping paper, I may just have to make some like this instead!

…I still have to paint the text onto the speech bubbles. Then they get a top coat of shellac to make them last for that much longer in the outside weather – though I quite like the way paper things only last for so long before they break down and are washed away.

Think I’ll be adding to this set with a page or two of birds next – fun!

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