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A couple of weeks ago seven of my paintings were destroyed when a pipe in my friends house burst and their kitchen ceiling fell in.  Wrecked artworks are the least of their problems really, but I will be sad not to see these works when I visit Wellington next.  The downfall with gouache is that it doesn’t like moisture – So water damage means they’re pretty much gonners.Because these were earlier works of mine they were block mounted, which I now wouldn’t recommend if you actually want your pictures to last – I also seal them with multiple layers of mat or gloss varnish now for further protection.                     But in the end : Varnished, sealed or framed. Water and artwork just don’t mix well. Doing up a quote for their insurance really made me question the value put on gifted artwork :

When someone gives you an artwork its not just some bit of paper with some paint… Its an idea that may have been thought about for quite some time, that has gone through multiple mutations in its rough form. Its hours and hours – Often days and weeks worth of work to get it to that finished state.

I’ve come to place a higher value on my work and time than I used to, so now I don’t give so much away. And when I do, Its often for something really important like a wedding.  Gifted artwork should always be appreciated and valued – It’s worth thinking about if you are ever end up with a present like this.

Because if you dont, If you are someone who chooses pass it on in favour of some tacky trademe buy, you may just find you will never be given something with this much love in it again. For you, I would much rather grab a mass produced, store-bought itunes voucher.

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Today I am 28. So I’ve picked 28 images from over the past few years.

I’ve started with earlier images that you would normally have to look up in the archives, or scroll pages and pages back to get to; More recent ones are down the bottom of the post.  I’ve tried to pick a range of different work, plus some of my favorites – It actually took a bit of effort to weed it down to just 28…. Hmmm, where has all this work come from, I don’t think I realised how much has accumulated over the past few years!  Enjoy.

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So I spent my lunch yesterday sorting through some work I have had stored away in my cupboard half finished, spurred on by the knowledge I get to put some of it up in a few weeks at the Black cat cafe over in Fitzroy.  I looked through the finished work I have floating around – a lot of birdwork, cupcakes and a couple of cartoony bits and have picked these 6 as ones that fit in with my current pics the most.  I have about 4-7 weeks before my work goes upon their wall, so am opting for a sensible approach of not crazily starting new stuff while I have these lovely pics just waiting for their top linework.

I would really like to complete at least these top three floral works – I think they tie in best with the body of work I already have complete and will also compliment the living plants the Black Cat has both indoors and out by the street in its garden bar.

The below three I am not so crazy about anymore and have ‘washed’  them to start fresh with some flat-colour backgrounds in shades of teal and aquamarine – keep an eye out for the finished results in the next couple of wees… I promise you they won’t be even close to what they look like now!

Seriously loving the idea I will be getting to show some of my work for a couple of weeks – and its a great excuse not only to finish some more stuff, but also to venture out for a drink or two with friends once its up.

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So, having to pick five pieces of my work as an example for a comp recently entered, it got me thinking about some of different styles I have worked with over the years.
One of my friends was lovely enough to do up a powerpoint for me, alas, I can’t just load it up here! I’ve re-made them into grouped photos, so at a glance, if you didn’t have time to scroll all the way down my blog, you can see what the content is.
(Notes as written by Ana!).
And its got me brewing up some new ideas for a series of new work using skate decks as support – stay tuned!
Group 1 : These designs would transcribe beautifully onto a skateboard and really appeal to the demographic. Personal favourites here are the Blimp Cats and Fearsome Friends – I think the Fearsome Friends is at that real high end of street art – where the characters could become a really well known graffiti/sticker series. – but the frogs are striking and helps represent the ‘breadth’ of my work.
Group 2 : If I had a skateboard I would want this sort of illustration on them – A really feminine design on a skateboard is kick arse and makes it different to all others – however, the majority of skaters who fuel the market are notoriously young, male and bogan. I reckon this would strike a chord though for female skaters/ art enthusiasts.

Group 3 : Anime is a powerful reminder of Western influencing everything Asian and how Asian is now influencing everything Western.

Clare and the crown would look kick arse on a board but the Collective piece could showcase a style that would look awesome on a board – ie some dark superhero types
Group 4 : This grouping would look beautiful on a skateboard – they are simple and reflect the print method that seems to be favoured by royalefam. In particular – Anemone would look beautiful on the bottom of a deck.
Group 5 : These designs are perfectly suited for the shape of a skate deck and the design itself is simple and dramatic and could easily be transposed to a ‘series’ across several skateboards where each piece would be different but always identified as coming from the same series.


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Current work…. this work is kindly being stored and appreciated by a friend of mine back home in Welly whilst we are living in Melbourne – was just way too big to contemplate moving, as quite a bit of it is framed.
Expressions of interest can be made to mightymouselikescheese@gmail.com

The majority of my paintings are part of private collections, and have been commission based pieces, in a specific idea or style, to create a personalised piece of finished work.

If you are interested in an unavailable work that is part of the privately owned collections, I am happy to design a similar style painting tailored specifically for you.  – This would be an original painting, not a copy.
I can be contacted by email at:
in regards to either the following pieces of available work, or for inquiries comissioning something special.



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Some recent pieces I’ve been working on. These were shown in a joint show I was part of at Toi Poneke Gallery in Wellington named ‘Wonderland’.  I have to say the show was a bit of a learning curve in what not to do when curating a show ( I was not the curator thank goodness ) and overall felt like a bit of a disappointment to be part of – definitely not the professional feel I have been trying to achieve when selling my works. Ah well these things happen I suppose… and I now know what to steer clear of!

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This just arrived in my mailbox – The Literary Review is a quarterly publication in America. This is their latest issue, featuring my work ‘Kraken’ as the cover art. They found it via this site, so woo hoo, good to know it works and is viewed by peoples!

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These creatures are generated in my mind from local New Zealand myths and legends, as well as more recent books I have read that have contained mythical beasts and monsters such as ‘Kraken’ (below).

I like to use bright, vivid and sometimes clashing colours to depict these fantastic beasties. And patterns from local New Zealand culture that I find around me.  Outlining is done with a strong black Indian ink to give the works a flat illustration feel.

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