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A friend of mine got me to paint a couple of designs onto some casual shirts for her husband just before Christmas. Now that they’ve arrived at destination I can put up a couple of pics without any chance of surprises being ruined.

Swallow shirt above is the same design I used for D’s unloved tee. However I went for two different shades this time to balance out the teeny stripes in the fabric. Below’s design is based on my Invasion pic… The very first, and almost only stencil I’ve ever done. I chose basic and uncluttered – Sometimes simple is best.

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New bird tees

I’ve been working through on this swallow theme of late from the photos I took at our local park.  New : A couple of hand painted tees for my November birthday guys.

Need to source some nice fitting girly tees now – I still have a couple of ideas for awesome new designs, and I think I want one for me!  How great would the above pattern look with birds mirrored out from the middle of the tee?

Might also look at putting a few up for sale on Felt 

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Tee Designs

Tee designs done up for New Zealand online site 1day tee – So far they have featured the top Tui design and the Fantail pattern in a reverse of black on white, at the end of 2009.

Really should get round to submitting some more designs, but have been swamped of late w commission work as well as wedding gift paintings, ah well!

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