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I’ve been having trouble with the image hosting site suggested in the proposal guidelines, so thought I’d just post all my related images for my proposal here :

This is the test modal under black light :7

Sketchbook drawings of proposed structure :

46 Below image is a view of structure as seen from above :

4455Test tetrahedron using black light and reflection :

5910 Mock up design viewed from different angles :photo 2 (1)photo 1photo 1 (1)photo 4photo 2 (4)photo 1 (3)photo 2 (3)

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I’ve spent the last three weeks on an urgent commission piece, and have finally been able to get it finished and off to the couriers. As its a gift for someone, I cant actually post any pics up until after the 26th or so.  Until then, It’ll have to be info…

This painting contains 41 different colours. Most of them are varying shades of greens and blues.  I ended up having to make a numbered chart that matched with numbers on each paint glass I mixed so I could tell them apart on a day to day basis

*Gouache dries darker or lighter, depending on what colours you are mixing into it – So the wet paint is pretty hard to colour match with its dry counterpart on paper.

It took me 12 days/36 hours to complete… Not including the 4 days/14.5 hours I spent on the original, before I ruined it with spilt paint and had to re-do from the beginning again.  (This also doesn’t include two days I know I spent working on it, but where I forgot to record any of my hours… Gah!)

I had trouble finding a message tube wide enough so that it wouldn’t squash my painting too much when rolled, but still keep it safe when couriered between countries – So I ended up constructing my own.  I went with a triangle shape for strength. Then covered the outside with grey silk and added a bright turquoise paper lining… I figure something practical can still look good too, and this way it can be kept safely until framed.  Wish it had been flecked grey linen like the last box I made, but the fabric store were all out.  Ah well, silk did ok as a substitute instead.

Hmmm… I wonder how many of those large Toblerones you could fit in there?

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Our internetz has been down for almost a week now after the furry culprit above knocked the modem off the windowsill.  So I am a week behind in posting up all the things I have been up to of late… And there have been a few.

Anyways : Thanks Telecom guy for coming all the way up our ridiculous path to fix it. And sorry for the no updates, but expect to see a lot of new posts up over the next couple of days when I find the time between Tui and coffee dates

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Well this is my latest monster work – It was initially supposed to be along the lines of my older Taniwha series, but after re-drawing three or four times I ended up with this beast instead. I just couldn’t fit myself back into the same space I’d been in for them; So this is my compromise : A carmine Kraken with a multitude of tentacles. Just waiting to get a grip on that which has been long set in its sight, to wrap itself around and drag way down deep…I like the depth of colour and the gloss shine that the resin gives – Usually gouache dries a little lighter than originally mixed, and with an almost dusty finish. This brings it right back to the colours I mixed up wet, plus its a good protection to prevent cracking and easy damage.

And here’s what I was listening to while painting this particular Kraken :…I’m making the most of thrashing the album while Jon’s back in Nz!

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On now

This is on right now in Melbourne and is totally worth a looksee :

Outre’ Gallery up on Elizabeth street has Los Angeles collaborative art duo Kozyndan’s Washed Away exhibition showing now – It runs until 22nd May.

As a weird twist of fate that they called the show Washed Away… way before the events in Japan, but it seems uber fitting now. The show is comprised of new work – Original pencil drawings and gouache paintings, along with limited edition and rare prints filled with waves and weird aquatic life; All rendered in kozyndan’s collaborative amazingness.

Here is a sneak peek of some of what you can expect to see – though the shows will differ in content between Outre’s three stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

… I’m really hoping I get back in time to see it while its still up – I don’t come across too many other artists who work in gouache, especially ones who’s work I admire as much as this. So getting to see some actual originals up close pretty much does it for me!

Dates of Sydney and Perth shows are as following :

Opening Perth – Friday 6 May 2011
Perth exhibition runs 7 May – 29 May 2011

Opening Sydney – Friday 13 May 2011, 6pm (until about 8pm)
Sydney exhibition runs 14 May – 5 June 2011
RSVP for Sydney Opening 

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So I came across an old viewmaster slide upstairs today – I’m pretty sure the actual viewmasters we used to own, plus all the other reels were given away years ago… I guess I may have hoarded this one as it was my favourite.If you hold it up to the window the pictures are still bright and clear – Rainbow Brite has these lovely solid rainbow colours in between dark indigo and grey shades.

However photographing clearly has proven a we bit more difficult… The clear OHP type panels also show anything behind them so hold them up to the window – you get trees. Put it on the table – brown woodgrain. I held it up in front of a blank white photoshop page and it was really clear… Until I photographed it and the monitor flicker showed through.  Have resorted to white paper, but it doesn’t show the brightness of the true colours; I guess I should make a lightbox.                         Then there is the fact I didn’t bring my decent camera w me this visit so am stuck w iphone snaps – It just cant get all the close up detailing in focus, So I guess I’ll just have to wait till I’m back in Melbs… Unless anyone else has a way smarter and prob. way more obvious solution?

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I was woken up this morning, like most mornings by my two year old barging into my room and pulling all the duvet off my side of the bed.                                         You sure do wake up quickly like this, especially while we are back here in Wgtn again – Where today is freezy cold and its pouring with rain outside.

Hmmmm, great way to start the day? I hear you thinking. Actually that part is next. Determining that yes, I am really awake; I get to be left in peace long enough for coffee and a brief browse through my email. First message in my inbox this morning ‘Congratulations. You have made a painting sale on felt…’ So this for me, is a great way for my rainy Monday to start.  Because right now, with the frustration I’ve been going through not being able to pick up a pen or a brush (I’ve done something to the thumb on my painting hand – And I have to rest it, which is hard) Its a really really good thing to know there is someone else out there that likes my work!

So next week, when I get back to Melbourne, This baby is gonna be all packaged up and jetted off to Canberra.  And hopefully by then I may be able to pick up a brush again!

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Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works exhibition is now down, And I have a huge thank you to say to Deb and Riaan for kindly picking up my arts for me while I am skiving off here in Nz.

I painted these paper works at the same time I was working on the BSG canvases.  Though while the canvases ended up with layers of Shellac, resin, gouache and more resin; These only got the initial gouache layer straight on the paper.  I took the masks off these as I wanted to keep them simple, but I think they still need something more…. Wondering about a layer of glossy white Enamel pattern maybe, Though just in a couple of areas.                      Hmmmm…anyone got any input?!?

You can see the finished results of the BSG canvases here : https://vincenteknight.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/toast-x-bsg-small-works-sneak-peek/

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Know your food groups….

Well today I primed up a whole stack of beautiful new sheets of flax paper my friends brought over from NZ for me w universal size, ready to mask out tomorrow for the new works I will be starting, to enter into the Brunswick Street Galleries small works comp at the end of next month (more about this in posts to come).

Oh, and I did these couple a new posters to paste up, now that I’ve found someone else keen to do some dodgy night paste up missions with me….sweet!

…I liked how they turned out so much I did a couple more – now there are three sets complete : Know your Cupcakes, fruit and veges. And they all come in series of four.   Hmmm, what next?!?

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Baby Tui

So this is the lovely little reason there has been no new work up on my site as late…. she has taken rather a lot of my time and energy to grow! Totally totally worth it, and we are now getting to the stage where there is a bit of a pattern with sleeps and I am somehow slightly less exhausted 100% of the time so there will be a bit more time again to create some new work – fingers crossed!

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