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Today I am 28. So I’ve picked 28 images from over the past few years.

I’ve started with earlier images that you would normally have to look up in the archives, or scroll pages and pages back to get to; More recent ones are down the bottom of the post.  I’ve tried to pick a range of different work, plus some of my favorites – It actually took a bit of effort to weed it down to just 28…. Hmmm, where has all this work come from, I don’t think I realised how much has accumulated over the past few years!  Enjoy.

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Newly completed canvas with vintage paper, resin, paper-cut birds and gouache layers for my lovely friends who had their wedding down in Christchurch over the past weekend.  Beautiful sunny day, with temperatures similar to Melbourne at the mo…. hot hot! My plane was delayed two and a half hours on the way down, so I only just got there in time – Luckily my bag was carry-on, so was able to change at the airport in Wgtn while waiting… trying not to stress over not being there in time!  Turned out all good in the end, even after I left the painting in the back seat of my friends car when I got dropped off at the church – what can I say, Typical Vin moment!

Have included a close up shot below so you can see the hand painted embossed paper I used – I wanted to give it an old stone sort of finish, as I had all of Christchurch’s old buildings in mind when I was painting it.  The birds have this speckled quality to them, the gouache varnish topcoat I used on them pooled a bit because of the humidity we’ve been having in Wgtn, but I really like the extra effect its given them.

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Three new little canvases I’ve finally had time to finish now that BSG works are submitted.

I started with a vintage embossed wallpaper which I hand coloured, its layered on top of the canvas. I then poured a thick layer of resin on top – giving a super shiny candy finish, which evened out the embossed paper to a flat surface.  The cupcakes are painted on top of this… I have discovered that gouache sits on top of this type of polymer resin really smoothly and evenly and dries in a nice flat layer without cracking. They then get a very thin top coat of protective resin to prevent the gouache from scratching off.

These little pics don’t seem to want to enlarge when you click on them, so here is a bigger one below as an example :

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Here is a set of small canvases I’ve done as commission to brighten up a neighbors daughters room  – They are mixed media with layered hand-painted vintage paper and cut outs of gouache painted on hot pressed watercolour card, finished w a super shiny and delicious poured candy-like resin coating.
Who wouldn’t want a set like this in their room! Do you?!?

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So this is my latest finished skate deck  which I scored from Empire skate shop in Wgtn – a 7.75″ this time, so a wee bit wider. Board is a beautiful natural wood finish on the reverse side w no grip tape, so keeping in this colour theme w this I did her up in warm, chocolate browns.

Built up in layers, Starting w a vintage embossed wallpaper as background ( This paper was rescued from an old brothel in Wellington that has since been bought and transformed into student housing for Vic Uni ) – paper has been over-painted in multi layers in Gouache;  The girl sitting on top is hand cut in 600gsm watercolour paper and hand painted in Gouache. The whole board has then been coated in a hard gloss resin that resembles clear toffee – Delicious!

I usually like to work with a lower gsm paper for resin pours as this one took three layers…. it kept being soaked up by the heavy as paper, though this particular Saunders paper is a dream to work on with Gouache – its a really smooth hot-press and gives a beautiful even finish…. yeah I actually enjoy watching the paint dry with this stuff!  You may have noticed the girl I used is from an earlier painting I did which sold through Pop Up Gallery in Wellington, which I did in an edition of colours, the others being as gifts.

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So it seems to be that time come mid 20’s-30’s where all my friends have decided to jump in and get hitched.
This is a collection of works I have created for these very special events – some as gifts from me, as well as a few pieces commissioned by friends for their loved ones.
And really, if your gonna be spending that hard earned cash of yours on that perfect gift, a painting is definitely gonna be a wee bit more original and thoughtful than that toaster off the registry list at Briscoes!

Commission work is available for wedding or other special gifts, The time it will take and pricing is dependant on size and style of work.
Please feel free to contact me at  mightymouselikescheese@gmail.com if you have any queries.

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So I submitted five images chosen from each of my categories in ‘Grouped work’  for an upcoming competition in Auckland put on by Loaded store for DC Shoes… Low and behold I was picked as one of 20 artists  to participate in the competition with the end result being a group show in Auckland for the launch of a new sneaker DC have put out.

The support I have been given to work with is a skate deck… a beautiful board by Plan B.

I have about 3 1/2 weeks to complete this project –  inc. travel back and fourth of  the boards from New Zealand to Melbourne and back to New Zealand again. ….Luckily for me I have a friend coming to visit who I have managed to weasel into becoming a mule for my board to travel over here with!

This is the step by step process I have gone through to create this deck :

Board to start with… 7 1/2 deck from fast times in Melbourne.

All taped up waiting for glue to dry w initial layer vintage wallpaper

W all the tape off and trimmed
Mask on, ready to start painting
First layer of paint… just applied, so is shiny, will dull down to matt once dried
Lightened it up heaps w another layer of soft duck egg blue/ grey + layers of a dove grey, cream and white as highlights.
Checking out w mock up to see if the top image/ background look alright togetherSexy sexy finished board w  super-shiny resin topcoat poured on and dry.
Close up of detailing in top layer + highlights on vintage paper also showing through.… I found it generated a lot of interest in people viewing it, they all wanted to touch and stroke it, my friend Ana even commented that the glossy resin made her want to lick it – it has a kind of lolly look to it, like clear toffee!

Below are Loaded’s posters advertising the opening of the art show in conjunction w the release of the sneakers – Wednesday 11th November at Loaded store in Auckland on High st.

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So this week my work was found through google by a lovely lady from San Jose, California.
She is a wedding planner, and it features on her weekly inspiration board  – this weeks board is themed”Take flight”.
Funnily enough, this piece was also created as a wedding present for some gorgeous friends of mine who recently tied the knot!

Its a large custom canvas from the lovely people at the French Art Shop in Wellington (Think A0 size, only square). It is a mixed media piece consisting of a beautiful vintage embossed wallpaper that was found in one of Victoria Universities houses when they did it up …. Apparently the story goes that this big old house used to be a brothel!
I hand painted the paper with layers of acrylic with a base of black followed by hot pinks, purples and touches of sunset orange.  Next I poured on the first coat of resin and stenciled the turquoise birds in an enamel paint so they sit in an overlayed flat layer above the paper.  The work is finished with another layer of poured resin – it dries with a super glossy finish that reminds me of clear toffee…. and it really does make you want to lick it!


You can see my work featured in inspiration board format at:
Its in the archives for Tuesday 25th August, 2009  …Go google!

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My camera sadly broke in transit from Wellington to Melbourne *Sob*.
Luckily these works were captured on hand me down iphone, so although a bit more blurry and grainy – least there is photographic evidence again – yay!


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Some recent pieces I’ve been working on. These were shown in a joint show I was part of at Toi Poneke Gallery in Wellington named ‘Wonderland’.  I have to say the show was a bit of a learning curve in what not to do when curating a show ( I was not the curator thank goodness ) and overall felt like a bit of a disappointment to be part of – definitely not the professional feel I have been trying to achieve when selling my works. Ah well these things happen I suppose… and I now know what to steer clear of!

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