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I was commissioned to make a couple of records for Canterbury Museum as part of their RISE street art show that is currently on until March 23

Rise poster infoIts been pretty awesome to know that I’ve got work in the same show as Banksy, Rone, ROA, Anthony Lister and BMD… So when I was creating the records, I wanted to make sure they were on form.  As a result I actually created  a set of nine, so the Museum could pick out the two they thought would work in best for the show.

Anyways, here are the two they selected  :

Of what may come - Gouache, ink and resin on 325gsm Stonehenge paper, vinyl record supportOverspill  - Gouache, ink and resin on 325gsm Stonehenge paper, vinyl record supportRecords with their acompanying covers for RISE

You can see the rest of the set in the post below.

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This is the first set of nine records I’ve created for my new series Rise of the Fukushima Monsters 

Rise of the Fukushima Monsters - Set of nine

They’re the next step on from my Fearsome friends series, bringing in new characters and an underlying dialog to do with mutation caused by radioactive waste and what is happening within our oceans at present …And what may come in the future if we don’t just manage to kill everything off first.

New OrderFive

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So I’ve currently got a couple of records as part of the RISE street art exhibition on at Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, presented by Oi YOU!

…I was supposed to put this post up ages ago, but I’ve been avoiding my computer

RISE posterAnyways the show is still on for a teeny bit longer – Well, until the 23rd of March

More details about the show can be found up on the Oi YOU! website, and also on their Facebook page, as well as through Canterbury Museum… Go check it out!

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Makertorium is on at Te Papa today.  My friend Matthew Pettengell kindly asked if i’d put up some of my new perspex swallow flock as a backdrop for his desks




Perspex swallows

These swallows are a new variation on my vinyl swallow flock i’ve had made through Makerspace… Really pleased with how they’ve turned out, i’m thinking on doing up a couple more sets in white and also in red next.

I’ll be adding them up on my Felt Sales shop in the next day or two, to be sold as installation sets, along with smaller individual swallows made into brooches.

If you are interested in an installation piece, or a commission work along these lines –  Maybe involving a different bird, butterfly or beetle I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted by email at : vincenteknight@gmail.com

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Recently, I was given a stack of cast-off scratched, or just really bad House records – Yaya… Talk about score!

So here’s my newest work created using one of said records as the support :

I really wanna do a series of these now… Just got to find the time/ motivation between the moving and sorting out the mess which is my life of late.  They’re about all I’m up to creative wise – A bit of bright, slightly warped colour to take me away from it all.

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Satchmo’s Den is a kick ass little cafe located at 57 Lonsdale Street, at the rear of Punch lane, recently opened by a mate of mine James and his friends Nat and Tom. Its a super cute little space packed with loads to look at – From the vintage tea tins and succulents on the shelves, through to the record covers plastering the walls.

Last time I was in there I may have accosted James and talked him into agreeing to let me add some artwork to the mix. Here’s what I painted up for him last week :

I pulled their logo stencil for the first record to work in with my swallow silhouettes. I’m quite taken with the idea of music taking form as birds.

If you’re in Melbs go check them out – James makes a mean coffee too btw. Don’t believe me? Well Coffee Supreme, Broadsheet and Milkbar thinks so too. Do it. Just go already!

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I fully meant to upload the rest of my pics from the print classes I’ve just completed last Tuesday, but then I had a week of not sleeping properly… As in not managing to get to sleep till 3.30 or so (Tui wakes up between 5.30-6 of late) Or if I did manage to get to sleep, waking up again at 2 and finally drifting off again at 5, only to be woken up 1/2 hour later.  Gah thanks brain, so not when I want to do my thinking!

It means I’ve had a week of feeling a bit low, and def. not up to anything creative like painting – Or writing about it either.  So yay for a weekend of sleep!  And finally here is the second instalment from my print class:

This one is a two colour reduction print using a ‘silk cut’ lino block – So both colours were printed off the same block. I started by cutting away where I wanted the white exposed, printing in red. Then I cut back into the same block to carve away all the areas I wanted to stay red, and printed the top plate over the first print with black.

Love love love how it turned out, though learnt that I much prefer vinyl blocks to lino… which has a tendency to flake, and left smudgy edges on a couple of my prints from the exposed matting fibre from where I cut away at the sides.

I managed to print up six prints of this in total – Because of the reduction method I can’t print any more, so it is an extremely limited print run.  I quite like how striking the skull looks and so may think about printing a series similar to this one in the future, if I get the chance to use a printing press again… Just waiting on APW announcing their next set of classes so I can book in to use their open access studio!

As a side note : Reduction printing also goes by the name of Suicide Printing – Because of the loss of the print block as you carve away the layers.  I reckon its pretty fitting to go w the Sugar skull design huh!?

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Yay got to go pick up all my prints today from AWP so exciting getting to bring them all home and unwrap them!

Pretty tired tonight… Tui was kind enough to wake me up at 5.30 by shaking cold water all over me from the doll she’d just washed in the sink. Not in a very fun way to wake up, though quick… Really hope my yelp of shock has put her off doing it again!  Anyways. Means I’ll post up the rest of the pics with close ups tomorrow. Night x

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I’ve just completed a short relief print class at Australian Print Workshop on Gertrude street in Fitzroy, running every Tuesday evening over the last four weeks.

It was a really fun little workshop, giving me the opportunity to make Vinyl, Linocut and Woodblock prints using the various printing presses they have on site.

These are a few pics from the first print I made using a vinyl block to create a single colour image. Printed using their beautiful Columbian printing press.  (Below)

I need to wait until next week, when the ink on the rest of my prints will be dry before I can go pick them up – And post up pics of course… So can’t wait!

Tui in Wgtn Wind – Edition of 3 onto Stonehenge 245gsm Printmaking paper 255 x 278mm.  I have decided to sell one print only – Check it out on Felt.

UPDATE : So I managed to press another two of this print the following week – This time on a handmade flax paper I’ve been hoarding since my mother sent me over a stack for my birthday. I love seeing the Tui on a handmade paper derived from the plant its perched on in the print. Also how the paper colour works with the black ink.

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