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This coming Tuesday the 26th my work goes up in the Black Cat Cafe over on Brunswick st in Fitzroy.  So this past Wednesday I went on a mish with Tui to check out the work up before mine, to get a feel of pricing my pics (I hate having to do this). We also went for a wander round to see if I could find some of my fav. paste ups that have been appearing on some of the street art blogs I read. Fitzroy is teeming with fantastic stencils, paste ups and spraywork… here are a few that I found :

Cant remember where, one of the streets off Brunswick - Argyle, Rose or Leicester

  • Urban cake lady http://urbancakelady.blogspot.com/
  • Amnesty international project (artist unknown) up near Alexander Pde, I think on Young street
  • Mucha style girl (artist unknown)… there were a whole lot of these all on one building – I think Argyle street
  • Dope as cat paste up in alley off Rose/Leicester street (artist unknown)

I also put up a few wee ones around …I’m just getting started at this, So thought I’d start out with some simple hand painted littlies in my cupcake theme to compliment the Black Cat show.   I think I need to find a willing accomplice to help w surveillance stuff  if i’m gonna be doing any bigger works though.

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